My First Post!

For over a year I have read healthy living and running blogs almost daily. I decided to start my own because I believe I have developed as a runner and in doing so I have developed as a person who enjoys living a healthy lifestyle (and the free beer after the races of course).

Besides running, I wanted to blog about the random fitness adventures I like to sign up for (i.e. 2011 Tri State Tough Mudder), my semi-new vegetarian lifestyle, and of course my love for my family, friends and puppies.

Currently: I am tapering for the NJ Marathon on May 6. I used the Run Less, Run Faster training plan from Runner’s World. If you haven’t heard of it, they key feature is the “3 plus 2” program. Each week consists of 3 runs (track intervals, a tempo run and a long run) and 2 cross training workouts. The paces for the runs are based off of your 5k time, which definitely yields some tough workouts. This is done to improve¬†endurance and lactate threshold pace. For my cross training, I mostly did spin classes and the elliptical.

To give a little background on my first (and only other) marathon experience, I made every rookie mistake possible. I was late to the race and had to run (sprint) about a mile and a quarter to the start line just to start right in front of 12,000 half marathoners. I began the race hysterically crying and by mile 9 the shirt I never wore before chafed my arms so bad I had to take it off (I swore I would never do it). I ran the first half way too fast (it ended up being almost 30 min faster than the second half). I ended up bonking at mile 21 (TYPICAL) and walked/cried from 21-23 until my second wind from 23-finish. My finish time was 4:24:24.

I used the 3:50 training plan for the marathon on May 6. Although I am not overly positive I can run that fast, I am more confident in my running abilities and I know it will be a more pleasant experience in general. I look forward to letting you know how it goes (and to see if the training paid off)!


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