Does it make me selfish?

I have been training for the NJ Marathon for about about 15 weeks. I did a portion of my training (when possible) with a good friend who I plan to run the race with, as we motivate one another to keep on keeping onnnnn.

HOWEVER…I received a rather large scare today when she advised me she might be switching to the half marathon. My initial reaction involved more tears than I would like to admit, then hot flashes coupled with a sheer panic because I would have to run this thing alone again (can you say positive splits?). I then became upset with her for waiting until a week before the race to let me know she might not be running with me.

For whatever reason a person does not feel they want to/can complete a race, is it ok to feel upset? -or- Was it completely selfish of me to only think about my feelings and how her absence would affect my race (and my confidence)?


{NOTE: The situation has since been resolved. We are running together and we are going to do well together, because it is what we do (I didn’t force her to run, I swear, at least I don’t think I did). But I still can’t help feeling that I disrespected her feelings due to my own overpowering emotions.

The marathon really brings out the emotional wreck inside of me.}



3 thoughts on “Does it make me selfish?

  1. mattdevir

    Not selfish at all. You were planning it together and if she had bailed it would have been like bailing on any other big event. But when it comes down to it, your running is up to you. So be prepared either way.

  2. Melissa

    Natural reaction to be upset when the person you’re expecting to race with is talking about bailing. Glad the situation sorted itself out HOWEVER you know my thoughts on this – you would have been fine without her. Trust your training girl 🙂 You’ve put in the time, you’re going to kill it next weekend!

  3. Running Bun Post author

    I agree that the running is personal and I should be prepared to run the race no matter what. I feel like I might need a little more confidence in my training and my ability.


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