Run as One Race Review

When my alarm went off this morning at 5:30, and 5:35, and 5:40 and so on, I had to talk myself into actually getting up and going to the race. It is much harder to go to the race now that I have to get on a bus and get to Central Park. I normally try to sleep at a friend’s apartment (but Fizz is in South Beach for a bachelor party at the moment so someone has to be home on dog duty).

Anyway, I decided to only bring a house key, ID and credit card only so I wouldn’t have to check and bag and could run a few extra miles from Port Authority to the start line. With the marathon only A WEEK FROM SUNDAY, I wanted to take it relatively slow today. The only problem is I really enjoy the usual NYRR 4M course (start on E 68, up Park Drive, around 102 traverse and back down west side) and it makes me want to run fast(er than I had planned to today).

I settled in around an 8:30 pace and spent most of the race focusing on other runners and their form. There is a reason for this (I usually don’t creepily stare at others, not always anyway). I have an AWFUL heel strike and want to correct my form. I think it will help my running in general and hopefully my speed. I just purchased a pair of Newtons and in the process of test driving(running) them! Anyway, I noticed the people who run with a mid foot strike look natural and comfortable, and I feel that people who run with a forefoot strike look like they are running in toe shoes. I saw both forms in Newtons. I will be one of them one day. I’ll be the Black Swan of Central Park. Stay tuned for my review of the Newtons, I just have to finish testing them.

My race stats per my POS Garmin (which took from Port Authority to start line of race to  locate a satellite):

I’m not good at even splits, and I my legs sprint when they sense the finish line is near, no matter what I tell them. It is what it is.

Race stats per NYRR:

Time: 33:25, Pace: 8:24

ALSO – this afternoon, three seriously fast girls whose blogs I read, Emily, Sarah and Sarah ran the Eugene Marathon. Both Emily and Sarah PR’d by A LOT. It gave me and Melissa (who is also running the NJ Marathon next weekend) some serious race week inspiration. Thank you all for that! My bad attitude and jitters needed to be turned into excitement and some confidence!



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