Memorial Day Weekend

My weekend was so much fun.

Friday I had my friend Dana’s bachelorette party.

We ate and drank pitchers of yummy Raspberry rum drinks at Sushi Samba:

And we danced all night at the Gansevoort:

Saturday/Sunday I went down to Fizz’s parent’s house in South Jersey.

I hung out with these kids..

And myself..

And Bud Light Limearitas. All weekend. If you haven’t tried these bad boys yet, I seriously encourage it. A refreshing 8% alcohol. More calories than a Nuun-er-ita but less than say…any other type.

Very early Monday morning I left to go back up to North Jers to run the Fred D’Elia Ridgewood Run (5k) with my friend Amanda. She wanted to run under 30 minutes so I told her I would pace her to a PR! A few things went wrong on my first pacing duty:

  • It was 90 degrees at the start of the race at 10:15
  • My Garmin froze at 9:32:24. I would have to pace on feel.

We ended up finishing in 29:09. A bit over our goal of 27 minutes but still under 30 but considering the heat (and a PR for Amanda even with walk breaks!) we were both happy.

After the race we went on Amanda’s friend’s boat (I love people with boats) with beers and Doritos. We also boated into one of my best friends from college Leslie. Seriously an amazing end to an amazing weekend (Less: the shorts tan I got and still have, and will have for probably another month).

Happy Ashley = Big Picture


How was everyone’s Memorial Day weekend? 

Does anyone have any idea how to get rid of a shorts tan line?



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