I’m in a Funk

I’ll let you know right off the bat, I only have one picture for this post.

Now that we got that out of the way, I want to let you guys know I have experienced a significant amount of emotions since the marathon. I was on a serious runners high from accomplishing my goal of running the “almighty SUB-4.” I even ran the Brooklyn Half one week afterwards. But I wanted to give my body a break, because I beat the shit out of it during training for a few months. So I have been overindulging in beer and fudgsicles and margaritas. I’ve put on some weight and I just feel like crap. I got excited when Runner’s World came out with the Run Streak. I said to myself, “YES, this is EXACTLY what you need to get back on track!” Lucky for me, I ran a 5k on Memorial Day to start it off. Then I forced one mile each of the days after solely because of the streak. HOWEVER, running everyday is exactly opposite of what I know is good for me as a runner. I followed a training plan for the NJ Marathon where I only ran 3 days a week (mainly to avoid injury), and it worked. SO, I quit the streak 4 days after I started it, and I am very happy I did.

Unfortunately, I am still unhappy with where I am at fitness wise. I am in a funk and I feel  out of shape. When I decided to take a break, I told myself I wouldn’t start running again until I wanted to and felt I had to. I think its time. Although NYC Marathon training doesn’t officially start until July, I am going to start early for my sanity. Running has become part of who I am and it makes me happy. I plan on setting a new time goal for the NYC Marathon. I love training. I put in the effort needed. I push my body and I learn I can  do things I never thought were possible. CANNOT WAIT TO GET THAT FEELING BACK! Plus, I want to get faster this time around.

Ok enough bitching from me. What else is new? I also started Kara’s Core Challenge, which I will not be giving up on. The challenge officially began on Memorial Day, but I had to buy a stability ball so I started a few days late. So far I learned a few things:

  • It is really hard to work out around my dogs.

River, under my side plank. Holding me up most likely.

  • I’m awful at side planks, I shake.
  • I cannot do a V-up with straight legs. Everyone at the gym was staring at me like I was an injured animal trying to move around.
  • I’m so sore. All the time.

I love this challenge. I want a strong core and I know these exercises will help. Even when the challenge is over I will continue to do them. Take a look at the link to her site and join the challenge, or even just look at the exercises if you want some new ideas for a workout! I will take pictures at the gym from now on for documentation. I will ask people at them gym to take pictures of me doing them if I don’t have a free hand (I don’t get embarrassed by this so no worries!)

Has anyone else ever experienced this type of running funk? How did you get out of it?

Who is doing the Runner’s World Challenge? How is it going? What is your plan for running every day?

Does anyone have great core exercises they can recommend?


9 thoughts on “I’m in a Funk

  1. Kara

    I KNOW THE FEELING! You’re not alone! I feel the same way right now…since I’m struggling with running consecutive days in a row, I feel so gross and horrible about my current fitness level. No matter what else I do, I still can’t replace running. It will all work out for us eventually though, you can count on that 🙂 hang in there!

    My abs hurt all the time now too but I’ve always had a super super weak core so that’s probably not saying much, haha! Thanks for the shout out 🙂

    1. Running Bun Post author

      I decided to start NYC marathon training a month earlier than expected! I’m going to do a glorious speed workout today (along with the core challenge)! I cannot wait to get my legs moving again.

  2. rockstarontherun

    This type of funk must be pretty common among runners, especially after a sucessful training cycle. I ran the Pittsburgh Marathon the first weekend in May and took some time off after to recover and have had a hard time getting back into it and feeling good about running. It’s frustrating to feel like you’ve lost so much of the fitness you worked so hard to achieve! I’ve been mixing things up lately with a lot of cross training and trying out new running routes to rekindle the running love.

    1. Running Bun Post author

      Yea I hope because I am so ready to run again that it wont be too hard. But I also think that might be dream world talk. I think you summed it up perfectly by saying you feel like you lose all of the fitness you worked so hard to achieve. That is exactly how I feel and when a one mile run feels so difficult, that is exactly what I am afraid happened. Good idea to try different routes!

  3. Amanda Naro (@amandanaro)

    I just found your blog and I am loving the title! I only used to be able to run in a bun when I first started because my long hair would swoosh side to side in a ponytail and it bothered me so much…now it’s shorter (but still long) so I can deal with it (or have learn to). I’m taking part in the Runners World streak and it’s been interesting! I only really rated running in April so running everyday has been a challenge but I feel so accomplished already!

    1. Running Bun Post author

      Hah! My hair would hit me in the face, it was almost unbearable!!

      Good job with the challenge!! I started it, but I knew it was for me as a runner. How many miles a week are you running with the challenge?

      1. Amanda Naro (@amandanaro)

        I’ve run 15 miles/week so far for the challenge. I wasn’t sure if I could handle it but it hasn’t been that bad. I had 2 days of “I’m not gonna make it” at the end of the 1st week/beginning of 2nd week but I’ve been fine since then. This week I’m going to start increasing by 1-2 miles/week and see how it goes from there. I figure I’ll keep with it until my body allows me to (and while I have motivation). If I make it to 4th of July, great, if I don’t, well – I tried!


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