National Running Day

Today is National Running Day.

But lets talk about yesterday first. I think the world thought it was National Running Day and blessed me with this:

Oh Hello Mr. Jurek.

To be completely honest, I was meeting my friend in Columbus Circle to run in the park and we saw the huge group and then I saw him in front of everyone and recognized him immediately (plus I had known he was going to be running in NYC today). Jack Rabbit Sports was hosting a run and then a meet and greet for his new book Eat&Run (links to Amazon if you want to purchase it)! My friend and I ran with the group for a bit and then went off on our own but finished around the same time and I was able to grab a picture with him! Then he said goodbye and took off running on his own.  I absolutely look at Scott as an inspiration not only because of his ultramarathon accomplishments, but because of his plant-based diet and way of life. People can no longer question whether a vegetarian or a vegan can be an accomplished competitive athlete. If you are interested, please check out this AMAZING interview of Scott Jurek given by Matt Frazier of No Meat Athlete.

Anywho, back to National Running Day. I was unable to run last year on this wonderful day because of my neck injury.

Took a while, but I found this.

Although the neck still bugs me from time to time, it won’t ruin my National Running Day 2012! Amen Sister.

This year I am going to celebrate with my favorite running partner: River.

God she makes me happy

We will not be running any crazy distances. Look at that picture, she clearly is only meant for the track. Probably hurdles or something. I’m going home after work, I’m going to harness that love button up and we are going to take to the open road.

9 pm – National Running Day UPDATE: River and I ran. It was a blast. She runs at about a 9 min/mi pace. Girl can book it. I love running.

We were running so fast the camera couldn’t keep up

What did YOU do to celebrate National Running Day?

Did anyone make it to the Scott Jurek Meet & Greet? Please tell me all about it.


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