Healthy Living Summit 2012

I started this blog because I was inspired by the healthy living community and I wanted to eventually be someone who inspires others with my healthy lifestyle! Yes, I want to inspire YOU! Don’t line up all at once.

I joined Healthy Living Blogs (HLB) last month because I knew it was a source of encouragement amongst bloggers and a way to connect with other bloggers. I saw the Healthy Living Summit and I wanted to be a part of it for many reasons.

I want to:

  • learn how to blog more efficiently (how to post more than a couple of times a week, how to people have the time?)
  • learn about showcasing fitness on social media platforms
  • learn how to take better pictures for the blog (pictures = better reading experience, everyone likes pictures, just not bad pictures!)
  • listen to other’s experiences and goals about life/fitness
  • hopefully learn about new workout moves or classes

The Conference is August 17-18 in Boston, MA. Melissa is joining me, and I am beyond excited we will be able to experience this together as she is the one who introduced me to this amazing community!

I guess this post is a HUGE to be continued 🙂

Who else is going to the Healthy Living Summit?????

Has anyone been to the HLS in the past, or any other blogging conference? Please tell me all about it!



11 thoughts on “Healthy Living Summit 2012

  1. Laura

    I’m torn between going to healthy living summit or racing that weekend! It sounds like it will be great though 🙂

    Also, fwiw, pictures in blog posts annoy me, so to me it’s a positive that you don’t do a ton! Haha 🙂 To each their own.

  2. shoretorun

    I’d love to go to The Summit! I have yet to be to a blogger conference of any kind, and would like to have the chance to network and learn how to grown and enhance my blog presence. Keep us updated on your plans!

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