Weekly Workout 1 (6/19/12-6/24/12)

From now on, each week I am going to list my exercise plan for the week. I am way too distracted by cocktails and Hershey Kisses. I want a place to log and share my workouts as well as being held accountable for my plan and take suggestions for new workouts! (hint, hint. suggest new workouts)! I will update each post with the workout results (in red) as well. Marathon training is going to start next Monday (6/25), holy crap,  that’s 20 weeks away, so there will be more specific running workouts then. These workouts can be found up top under Fit Life –> Weekly Sweat Sesh.

Workouts for the Week of June 19: 

Tuesday 6/19:

  • 7.5 mi run in Central park (1:06, 8:51 pace)

Wednesday 6/20:

  • 4.25 mi run in Central park (38 min, 8:56 pace)
  • Light weight training and push ups

Thursday 6/21:

  • 4 mile run (3 mi, 8:52 pace)
  • 15 min Core Workout (push ups, squats and minimal arm exercises instead)

Friday 6/22: (Did not work out at all on Friday, sat inside and was lazy because of the rain)

  • 15 min Core Workout
  • Kayaking

Saturday 6/23:

  • 10 mile run (8.10 mi, 8:53 pace)
  • 15 min Core Workout
  • Kayaking (I did kayak! Crazy arm workout!)

Sunday 6/24:

  • RACE: NYRR NYG 5k at Giants Stadium (3.1 mi, 10:30 pace)

7 thoughts on “Weekly Workout 1 (6/19/12-6/24/12)

  1. Kara

    Love this idea! I’ve been meaning to write down my workouts too! I think I need to plan my whole week every Sunday so I know I can fit everything in.

    Good luck at that 5K!! I was going to do it too but now I’m going out of town!

    1. Running Bun Post author

      Hi! I don’t but I am working on getting them posted. I actually joined Kara‘s Core Challenge and she posts them to a google doc each week! I will let you know when they are up and running!


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