Gear Review: Pro Compression Marathon Sock

If you read post about my Running Favorites, you will see that I genuinely LOVE PRO Compression socks. If words aren’t enough, here are some visuals!!!

PR Creators

Superbowl Champion Supporters

Holy Crap I’m touching Scott Jurek!

Besides the 3 obvious reasons illustrated above, I really do love these socks. I had never worn a great pair of compression socks (i.e. CEP, Zensah) until I put these bad boys on. The got me through almost every long run during marathon training (I didn’t find them until I was a few weeks in) and the marathon as well (see above, in yellow, my favorite color, there was no other choice). I wear them before runs, during runs, after runs and to bed. 

The science? Compression improves the delivery of oxygen to muscles, speeds lactic acid removal, muscle repair and improves circulation which all leads to greater muscle efficiency.

PRO Compression? Created by an athlete. Non-slip design. Moisture control that keeps your dry during huge effort. Blended Material for maximum confort and support. Always offer deals/specials. Amazing customer service. Made in the USA. Boom.

The Ashley? The socks are JUST TIGHT ENOUGH, they do not slip at all, my legs sing hallelujahs during and after long runs and I broke 4 hours in the marathon (obviously they work). 

Ashley on PRO Compression? If you have any questions or concerns, they get back to you fast. Like Steph Rothstein and Amy Hastings fast. Email, twitter, you name it. As a frequent user of the product (many times to work), I appreciate that.


Is anyone’s favorite color ORANGE?!?!? WELL – if it is, you’re in luck, they just added an orange marathon sock to their line of wonderful colors. And it is the SOCK OF THE MONTH! 

If you want this party for your legs, here’s a discount. Just make sure you purchase them before JULY 10, 2012, Or you’ll have to pay full price (retail value is $50, which is still less than its competitors). 

  1. Click this link:
  2. Pick a size (available in sizes XS, S/M & L/XL, I am 5’2 – the S/M is about an 3/4 of an inch too long, but completely wearable in that size)
  3. Save 40% with Coupon Code SOM612 (you also get FREE SHIPPING!) 
  4. Pay $30 (sorry, not many things in this world are free guys).
  5. Share the love with your friends. (The coupon code love that is).
  6. Come back to my blog after you get them and use them. Leave a comment on this post. I want to know what everyone else thinks about them. I truly believe you will love them the way I do and the way my legs do. **Sorry if I absolutely just sounded like I was introducing you guys to my boyfriend, but I spend enough time with them that it doesn’t sound too weird.**


5 thoughts on “Gear Review: Pro Compression Marathon Sock

  1. Kara

    YES!!! Love Pro Compression. I have quite the collection. They are so wonderful…a little long on my short legs but I do this little fold thing and you can’t even tell. I’ll show you my trick on Sunday. haha

  2. sky

    Thanks for introducing me to these babies! I have three pairs now and I LOVE them. I like to run in these, long, short races, but especially I like them when i go to Crossfit gym! I have – pink, white and black now!

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