Queens 10k

I ran this race last year (when it was a half-marathon). It was the same temperature and it was sweatastic. For suffering through the temps, this year they gave us a medal and a cool badge 🙂

I run this town

I drove to Flushing Meadows Park early in the morning and had no expectations for the race. I also forgot my Garmin so that canceled any sort of pace tracking for me. To be honest, I just wanted to cross the finish line still breathing.

I saw my friends from college who were running right before the race and I also was able to chat with Kara and Lora for a bit before the start! Lori and I were in the same corral so we decided to run together (no time goals today).

Lora and I before the sweat fest

As you know, it was hot out. There was not much shade but there was some sprinklers (probably every mile, but I don’t remember). We kept a steady pace (around 8:30-8:45) and chatted the entire race. I was happy about this because I really enjoy running with others. I like to chat, it helps the miles tick away without paying way too much attention to them/my watch.

I have no complaints about the race. I liked the course, I liked the company and I liked the cold sponge and plums they gave us at the end. I won’t complain about the heat, it is July 1. It is going to be hot! Maybe a year ago I would have raced too hard and thrown up at the finish line. Now I know what type of conditions are just not conducive to PRs (i.e. this race).

Official Results: 54:38, 8:48 pace


4 thoughts on “Queens 10k

  1. Dori

    You did really great, especially considering the heat! That’s my “giving it everything I have feel like I’m going to die” 10K pace, so I’m impressed as always. I actually didn’t think the Queens Half was a hot or bad as everyone else did last year, but Saturday’s weather seemed much worse to me this year.

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