Weekly Workout (7/9/12-7/15/12)

Last week was rough. I barely hit the mileage I wanted and I barely hit half of the exercise minutes I wanted to. This week is going to be different. Because this week starts NYC Marathon Training. Excuse my french, but I’m done fucking around. I spent the entire weekend laying in bed in Atlantic City hungover. No more of that for a while. Maybe only some.

From now on my weekly workouts will include my marathon training runs: 3 key runs- speedwork, tempo and a long run as well as 2 days of cross training.

Monday 7/9:

  • Cross Train (Elliptical)
  • Strength

Tuesday 7/10:

  • AM- 5 mi easy
  • PM- Speedwork – 3 x 1600 @ 7:02

Wednesday 7/11:

  • Rest

Thursday 7/12:

  • AM- 6 mi Tempo – (2 mi @ 7:35)
  • PM- Yoga with bloggers!

Friday 7/13:

  • Cross Train (Spinning)
  • Strength

Saturday 7/14:

  • Long Run– 13 mi @ 8:53

Sunday 7/15:

  • Rest


Weekly Goals

Running Mileage: 28

Workout Minutes: 2 hr 30 min


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