Sangha House NYC

I haven’t been to a yoga class in over a year. I was genuinely excited, yet nervous, about the Yoga gathering at Sangha House NYC that was organized by Katherine of Sweat Passion and Tears. It was my FIRST event with blogger friends!

Credit: Sangha House

Prior to the class, Abby and I met up for a quick bite to eat and an iced coffee. We chatted for a bit and then walked over to the class. The studio is located on East 28th Street, btw Park and Madison, on the second floor. The space was quaint, inviting and beautifully designed. We filled out the applicable paperwork and went into the studio for class.  Ximena, the instructor, introduced herself and the class started.

I was challenged by a couple of things in the class: the poses, the speed in which we transitioned to the next pose and understanding which each pose was (by name). I will attribute all of this to my lack of attendance to Yoga class in the recent past. I did appreciate that Ximena was kind and helped explain each pose and even laughed a bit with us (or, when I fell on my head) trying to do a pose I cannot pronounce.

I loved that the poses were geared toward stretching that is necessary for runners. Even after one night, I felt an increase in my range of motion and flexibility and my breathing was relaxed. I experienced a couple of notable moments where I remembered how much I love the practice of Yoga. It was amazing to sit in a pose that stretched all of the muscles in my legs that were sore from the hand work I put into my running during the week as well as calming my mind.  **This was most likely because Damien Rice’s – The Blower’s Daughter was playing (a semi-depressing song that I have always loved).** I am happy that Stacy shared some appreciation for this song as well! Anyway, I do not want to give that feeling up. I now will be adding a weekly yoga class into my marathon training schedule. I want to stretch, strengthen my body and relax. Yoga (especially this class at Sangha House) was able to do this for me so I will be back.

After class I went to get a drink with a few of the girls from class (Beth, Annie, Katherine and Kristine) and it was great to chat with them about our common interests. Per the website, Sangha is a word that can be roughly translated roughly as a community with a common goal, vision or purpose. This event brought a number of women (and a couple of men) who practice for their own reasons into this community as well and I was happy to be a part of it!

Credit: Sangha House

Thank you Katherine and thank you Sangha House for a great night (and congrats to Abby who won an amazing outfit from Phat Buddha Wear)!

Do you practice yoga? What do you like about it?

Have you ever been to Sangha House?


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