“I Hate It – But I Support It”

Today was relaxing. We did not have to go anywhere so there was no schedule to adhere to. Fizz and I went to the gym this morning after we had breakfast. I went to my first Power Yoga class! I absolutely loved it! After the gym we went to the Farmer’s Market in Wayne.


We picked up watermelon, blueberries, peaches, beets, summer squash, and a canary melon (which I have never tried so I am excited)!.

We were able to spend a lot of quality time together this weekend, which is rare during marathon training. I know Fizz has mixed feelings about how time-consuming marathon training is. As he is not a runner, I wanted to have him share his feelings with everyone so I asked him a couple of basic questions about the topic for today’s post.

ASHLEY: Marathon training takes up A LOT of my time. We don’t spend this time together. Why are you ok with that?

FIZZ: Who said I was ok with it? Just kidding… Although I am not thrilled with the time it takes away from spending together, I support it because it is something that you love to do to and when you are happy I am too.

ASHLEY: Awe. That is sweet, but has there ever been a time where you thought I was being unfair to you or our relationship due to training?

FIZZ: Yes. Every weekend when you have a race because it means we can’t do things together.

ASHLEY: What! I am back by 10 am.

FIZZ: But we can’t make plans to go away somewhere because of all of the races.

ASHLEY: Good point.

FIZZ: I also don’t like when you insist on sleeping in NYC when you insist you need to run in the morning as if NYC is the only place with ground to run on.

ASHLEY: On a lighter note, what is your favorite thing about my running?

FIZZ: You stay in shape, exercise and are healthy. Also, I was thinking, your Garmin watch that I gave to you has a virtual running partner. Can’t you just race yourself instead of running races?



EDITOR’S NOTE: I do sleep in NYC one or two times a week so I can run in the morning before work. It is easier than taking the bus from NJ at 5:30. 

OK so what did we learn today? Marathon training takes up a lot of my time. I run Tuesday in the morning and at night, Thursday morning and I do a long run on Saturday where I am gone anywhere from 2-4 hours. On top of that there are gym sessions and I also like to spend some time with my friends.

Although Fizz has mixed feelings about the time I spend training, I know that he will always be my biggest supporter and my biggest fan.  He has traveled all over the east coast with me to watch me run (the same goes to some of my friends and family). I am appreciative of all of his support. I believe when you are committed to someone, it is important to understand one another’s needs to pursue passions. He would never hold me back from doing what I love and I would never hold him back from his passions and it is one of things that makes our relationship strong!

There are a couple of things I thought of that can help the situation of unease regarding training and racing:

  • Take both of our schedules into consideration before signing up for a race (Note: this is a new thought after this interview. I will now consult with Fizz before rapid fire registering for NYRR races).
  • Plan training when it is convenient for your significant other and/or family
  • Continue to always communicate with one another about everything
  • Focus on quality time when together – making sure the relationship remains fun!


What is your favorite thing to get at the farmer’s market? (For North Jersey readers, what is your favorite farmer’s market!!!??)

How do you balance training and a successful relationship?


7 thoughts on ““I Hate It – But I Support It”

  1. Melissa

    Recently this hasn’t been an issue because I FINALLY was able to get Brad to run with me. (Although, now that we’re at 7 miles, I feel like he’s almost at his max…) But it used to work out fine because he prefers to sleep in, esp waking up at 4:45 for work during the week. Most of the time I’d be back from a run before he was out of bed!

  2. sweatpassionandtears

    My boyfriend is exactly the same way about my training — he doesn’t get it, but he supports it. He won’t say it unless I ask, but I know it annoys him that I dedicate so much time to it. He also doesn’t like when I get up early on Saturday/Sundays and leave him in bed, even though I’m back even before he’s awake haha…Running keeps me sane and that I know he appreciates 🙂

    I try to balance running with my relationship keeping one weekend-day free to spend with the boyfriend, the other is for my long runs and “girl dates.”

  3. Running Bun Post author

    One day for him, one day for you! I like that. Its a perfect balance I think. Running and time with friends are necessities in my life as well!

  4. Amanda Naro (@amandanaro)

    Interesting topic today! My husband is a runner and has been for a lot longer than I have, and has also trained for marathons (where I’m still in very low mileage). When he is training for a marathon depending on the season he’ll either run before I even wake up in the morning or right after work. When he does runs after work it isn’t usually too bad because it gives me time to prepare/make dinner. Now that I am running myself I tend to do half my runs in the morning and half after work or in the evening, along with Zumba 2 days in the evening. Due to the timing of Zumba one night he has to cook dinner and I don’t mind at all 🙂

    1. Running Bun Post author

      That is great you guys have a schedule worked out! We are definitely starting to do the same. It just took a little while and a lot of communication (and some arguments) beforehand 🙂

  5. Live from La Quinta

    I think it is important to make sure the time you spend together is quality time, make sure you sometimes do what he wants to do. Plus, like you said, making sure that race dates work for his schedule as well as yours. It is a partnership, after all.


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