NYCM Training – Week 3 Recap

Monday 7/23:

Katherine and I went to Nike Training Club in Central Park. It is a free fitness class (boot camp style) offered each week. After some jogging and running drills up the hill into the park, the class was split into 5 groups and we did circuit training. And by circuit training I mean we did about 150 pushups and an hour of planks, on the cement. Ouch. and Sweaty.

Tuesday 7/24:

  • #TrackTimeTuesday – Speedwork

Goal for the intervals for speedwork:
1200m- 5:10 (6:55)
1000m- 4:16 (6:52)
800m- 3:23 (6:48)
600m- 2:31 (6:45)
400m- 1:39 (6:38)

Actual Results Per Garmin:

Because they are a little heard to read:

Lap 4 – 1200m- 5:17 (6:52) – I hit the lap button at 0.77 so a little too far, but right on pace!
Lap 6 – 1000m- 4:13 (6:49) – lap was 0.62mi
Lap 8 – 800m- 3:25 (6:47) – lap was 0.50mi
Lap 10 – 600m- 2:35 (6:44) – lap was 0.38
Lap 12 – 400m- 1:39 (6:21) – lap was 0.26

I am happy I hit my paces, but it was a rough workout. I was absolutely getting too confident about hitting the paces in the past two weeks and this workout brought me back down to earth. I am working on a very hard plan and the workouts are going to be very hard.

Wednesday 7/25:

I did a spin class at NYSC at lunchtime. The instructor was very upbeat and pretended the class was training for the Olympics. It was a great class for tired legs, nothing too hard but still a great workout! I will definitely go back next week (she said there will be medals).

Thursday 7/26:

  • #TempoTimeThursday

Thursday Tempo Goal:  7 mile tempo with 5 miles @ 8:05 pace

Actual Results (per my Garmin):

Total time for 5 mi tempo – 40:48

Average Heart Rate per mile: (1) 156 (2) 169 (3) 178 (4) 181 (5) 181 (6) 181 (7) 176

I ran with Abby and Laura in Central Park for the tempo. The humidity (as everyone else is saying) really does take a toll on you when trying to run at faster paces but we helped push one another through the miles! I appreciate the encouragement of friends during runs and the without the conversation flow I am not sure how I would have gotten the 7 miles done! I am very satisfied with the run, especially with the humidity.

  • Thursday night I ran the Sunset & Suds 5k (for Team in Training) with Kara in Riverside Park. The race started right as the sky looked like it was going to throw up on us. It was humid and windy and the leaves were blowing directly onto our faces at warp speed. It hurt. We chatted about our upcoming RAGNAR RELAY almost the entire race and when we crossed the finish line, it began to thunder, lightning and downpour. Afterwards, we enjoyed some free Bud Lights (basically in a cave, to avoid being injured by the weather).

5k Results (with a stellar positive split):

Average Heart Rate per mile: (1) 170, (2) 177, (3) 173 (4) 0.10 – 173

Friday 7/27:

I planned to do some type of cross-train or workout but I ended up taking a rest day. My legs were still sore from Thursday’s tempo this week. I was also being lazy.

Saturday 7/28:

Rest Day again. Let’s just say it was because I had to run 17 miles on Sunday, NOT because I am lazy and hit the snooze button on my alarm 182091 times.

Sunday 7/29:

  • Long Run

I moved my long run to Sunday (and from Central Park to Forked River, NJ).

I had a hard time leaving the house to do this run but I knew I had to. For the first 6 miles I was telling myself to turn around and run home and to cut the run short. I finally settled into a groove and warmed up. I decided to break up the run into three sections (6mi, 6mi and 5 mi) so it would be easier to get through (accomplish one mini-goal at a time)!

Goal: 17 mi @ 9:08 pace

Actual: 17mi @ 9:03 avg pace

Average Heart Rate per mile: (1) 142 (2) 154 (3) 159 (4) 157 (5) 157 (6) 157 (7) 154 (8) 161 (9) 160 (10) 163 (11) 165 (12) 166 (13) 168 (14) 171 (15) 171 (16) 174 (17) 172

During my last 2 long runs, I have decided to pick up the pace to somewhere around marathon goal pace (still unsure what that is). It is nice to know you still have some pep in your step after over 2 hours on your feet! I will definitely be doing this during every long run!

The route I ran!

#Seenonmyrun – Barnegat Bay (and lighthouse)!

SIDE NOTE: I decided to use a new fueling strategy. During the week, I saw this article about raisins being just as effective as sports chews for fueling workouts, posted by Josephine. For this marathon training cycle, I wanted to fuel with real food. I decided to start with the raisins. I used Wild Harvest Organic raisins, which I received when I signed up for the Healthy Living Summit (which is coming up in 3 weeks, and I am excited)! I fueled at mile 6 and mile 11 with this amount (I guessed, I had absolutely no idea how many to eat):

A handful?

I think it worked. I felt great the entire time (besides the usual “I am running 17 miles joint aches”). I will continue to use raisins as fuel to see how I perform!

I am very happy with this week’s training!

Weekly Goals

Running Mileage: 26

Actual Mileage: 32

Workout Minutes: 2 hr 30 min

Actual Workout Minutes:  1 hour 45 min


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    1. Running Bun Post author

      The chews are too sweet for me. During my marathon in May I was gagging trying to get them down mid-run. I realized then I needed to find a different option hah!

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