NYCM Training – Week 4 Recap

I will start off by saying this week sucked. After my long run last weekend, my foot began to hurt. It is a sharp pain along the outside of my ankle and down along the outside of my foot. It is a new pain so I skipped my track workout on Tuesday hoping a few rest days will make it better!

Wednesday 8/1:

The pain went away and I was thrilled to be running again on Wednesday! I met Abby and Laura for a lunch-time tempo run in Central Park. We decided to run the lower loop twice for the tempo miles. My goal was 6 miles, 3 @ 7:50. This run was really tough for me (and all of us I think). It was extremely humid and I could not catch a breath. I only ran 5 miles and it would be more appropriate to call this run a progression run!


Tempo, progression? Not sure, all I know is that I was SO TIRED afterwards.

Thursday 8/2:

  • I woke up extremely early on Thursday to attend the Sweat Pink Boot Camp in Bryant Park with Lora! 6 am start = 5 am bus to NYC for me. When I go to the city early for a workout or run, I drop my stuff at NYSC and get it done. Lucky for me, NYSC doesn’t open till 6 am and the very responsible 18 year old who had the keys was 20 min late. This means I was 20 minutes late to Boot Camp. I sprinted over to Bryant Park and joined the ladies immediately. The class was run by Jamie and Alysefrom Fit Approach! We did a lot of awesome workouts on the stairs outside the park including planks, lunges, planks, pushups planks and even more core work! We went into the park and continued with squats, more core work and ended the class with a sprint! After the class we got some awesome swag and I was able to talk with Jamie and Alyse about their trip to NYC! Awesome women 🙂

    Photo Credit: Fit Approach

    Photo Credit: Fit Approach


I am happy I attended! It was a great class. I learned some new moves and met some great people!

  • I went to a spin class during my lunch break at NYSC. Good class but I am still unsure how I feel about the instructor. Although her energy was through the roof, she did not get one the bike once. I am happy I went though, I left feeling refreshed and I did my longest #plankaday yet after the class! 3 minutes!

Friday 8/3:

I met Laura very early to run. The plan was 20 miles @9:23. We ran 3 miles in Central Park and decided to head up to the GWB along the West Side Highway. I made it 6 miles before the pain in my foot came back with a vengeance. It was so awful that I had to stop running, even walking was hurting. We had to go up to 125th street to find a place to cross the highway and we made our way to some sort of public transportation home. I was absolutely miserable. Irrational Ashley immediately started panicking. My boyfriend calls me “AP” because I Always Panic instead of using logical thoughts. I told Laura that my NYC Marathon dreams were crashing down in front of me and that I was probably never going to be able to run again. Let’s hope with some more rest the pain (and the negative thoughts) go away!!!

Saturday/Sunday 8/4-8/5:

I went to a wedding in Southampton this weekend. I carb-loaded for the wedding. Not my healthiest weekend, but it was a memorable one!!

Weekly Goals

Running Mileage: 31

Workout Minutes: 1 hour

Weekly Goals

Running Mileage: 11 (yikes)

Workout Minutes: 45 minutes


6 thoughts on “NYCM Training – Week 4 Recap

  1. Kara

    No more flats! Once I got more supportive shoes to wear to and from work, my foot problems (the exact same thing) almost disappeared. It took a few weeks but I’m much better now.

  2. Kristy (@KristyH5)

    You’re being smart and trying to fix the prob right away! Hope you can nip it! Keep us posted! Sending healing vibes. I have had foot probs too… and switching shoes helped me. Mine are different though.

  3. Sky

    Ahhh! Feel better! Maybe your body is telling you to rest a bit? All of us have some bad weeks. It is better to have one now, then during the week before the Marathon, right? Let’s get all those bad weeks out of the way, so you can reach your goal at he NYCM!

    1. Running Bun Post author

      I think I just hurt my foot, I have not been overdoing it with the workouts 😦 I feel ok with resting this week, sort of. I just want to be healthy!


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