Weekly Workout (8/6/12-8/12/12)

My workouts this week are going to be a little different from the past couple of weeks (and the future weeks)! I am taking some time off from running because I hurt my foot somehow and want to rest a bit. I would much rather rest and heal now than continue to run on it and not be able to run the NYC Marathon or ever again (I’m not dramatic, at all).

Monday 8/6:

  • Spin Class
  • Strength (probably a NTC workout)

Tuesday 8/7:

Wednesday 8/8:

  • Cross Train or Rest

Thursday 8/9:

  • Pilates

Friday 8/10:

  • Cross Train
  • Strength

Saturday 8/11:

  • Rest

Sunday 8/12:

  • Yoga
  • Strength

Weekly Goals

Workout Minutes: 6 hours


One thought on “Weekly Workout (8/6/12-8/12/12)

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