Thankful (and a PRO Compression winner!)

Thankful is how I felt after I read all of your comments on my post discussing my injury. I asked (or forced you to give me some motivational speaking for a giveaway entry) about how to stay motivated during an injury.

I am happy I went with that question because the responses were thoughtful, helpful and hilarious.

GM Runs – “You will totally be ok and ready to come back harder than ever. Aqua jogging anyone??!!?”

Kristy – “I was injured 3x in the past year. it sucked. I have to say the best thing I did was stay positive and think outside the box. I did not sit around and feels sorry for myself. I took it day to day and stayed as active as possible. And I didn’t let anyone tell me I couldn’t or wouldn’t do something”

Crystal – “I always try to find some other sort of activity I CAN do despite the injury. Whether it be biking, swimming, yoga, what be it. I also read up on other people’s blog to be able to keep my spirit up. And I always go to Tweeps who dish out advice and love.”

Kim – “A few years back I had a stress fracture in my hip and was on crutches for 2 months to avoid surgery! I stayed motivated by thinking of all the years and races I had in my future by taking care of myself NOW. Stay positive! :)

Kristen Miller – ‘I motivate others by baking them things, are you in NYC? Also, when I’m injured, I do good like charity or for a friend.” *Note from Ashley: yes I am in NYC, will you bake for me? Then we can go play with puppies at an animal shelter. We will be BFF’s, I swear.*

Laura – “My best advice is to try to just stay “fit” through other exercise – swimming, arms-only weight lifting, etc. There are a lot of ways to get your heart rate up without using your feet!”

Joseph Bridgeforth – “I stay motivated by watching running videos on youtube, especially ones by ryan hall.”

Stacy – “As for something to motivate while injured…it’s called wine. Sav. Blanc, preferably.”

Thy – “During times of injury… I figure out what I did (or did not do) to possibly prevent this so it doesn’t happen again. It sucks and I take a few days off. After that I try and regroup and lay off of it and do other things to keep the body active. I usually work on weaknesses like strengthening stabilizer muscles and do more core work. That way, I’ll return better than before.”

Stephanie H. – “Any time I’ve been injured, I stay motivated by looking forward to the “grand return” and how good it will feel to move again. I also cross train to keep myself from going crazy. When others are injured, I drink with them. I’m a good friend that way.”

Kayla – “When I was injured I focused on a new goal – I wanted nice arms so I focused on upper body strength. I still got in cardio with the bike and elliptical but my arms were looking pretty good when I was in my sister – in – laws wedding! :)

Vicki Alford –  “My motivation during an injury would be that I would have to slow down and try something new. I love to try new things but I don’t always make time for new things in my daily schedule.”

Amy L. – “My husband is my motivation, if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be running. Seeing him go through injuries while training for marathons shows me that these things are temporary and everyone goes through them. He is definetly my source of inspiration! To motivate others, I tell them to never give up. If you dream big and believe in yourself, anything is possible!”

Running Hutch – “It’s funny how watching a movie about running or overcoming can be amazing motivation, even while you’re sitting on your couch you just start geeking out about when you can get back on your feet and move again. It can be equally frustrating but for me it’s usually a positive way to keep my mind motivated even when my body isn’t able.”

Chelsea – “I always think of people who can’t run when I’m injured, because my inability to run is only temporary :)

I will continue to go through the comments (with a glass of wine, probably) whenever I am upset or feeling down. Reading through them puts me in a better mood and helps me understand that injuries are temporary!

I picked a winner (well did) for the PRO Compession giveaway. Because WordPress doesn’t show comment numbers I had to count to the winning comment. I counted at least 13 times to make sure I had the right winner!

The winner is Stephanie H. (!!! Yay! Please email me at with your shipping details so I can send you the socks!

To the non-winners:

Because PRO Compression is such an amazing and generous company, they are offering 40% off of the marathon socks and free shipping when you use the code PC40!

There will be more giveaways for PRO Compression socks in the coming week or two so make sure you check out the following blogs and watch for the giveaways:

THANK YOU ALL for the comments, they meant a lot 🙂


7 thoughts on “Thankful (and a PRO Compression winner!)

  1. Kristy (@KristyH5)

    that’s a great discount. I have never tried these. Are they similar to CEP? have you tried those? I love the USA ones.

    Hope you are hanging in there! 1 week down, 3 to go. It’s flying by 🙂

    1. Running Bun Post author

      I tried CEP first and they were ok until I tried PRO Compression. Huge difference. Way more comfortable (less restricting, but still enough squeeze) if that makes sense.

      and YES! One week down. Still have some pain though 😦

  2. gm @ gmruns

    Glad you are starting to feel better and keeping a positive attitude! Your outlook has SO much to do with it!! Nice job girl 🙂 And i hear ya about counting the comments…”1, 2, 15…dang, what number was I on!?”


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