(sort of) NYCM Training – Week 6 Recap

I am a bad (example of a) healthy living blogger. I am a bad exerciser when I am injured. This week a lame attempt of a workout (after my I WILL NOT LESS THIS INJURY DEFEAT ME post, yikes).

Monday 8/13:

Tuesday 8/14:

  • Stationary Spinning Bike – 45 min – 13.1 miles. I biked a half marathon using the aerobic workout setting. It was pretty tough, it had you adjust the resistance every so often to simulate some hill work. I started reading Scott Jurek’s “Eat & Run” (which I already love) on the bike and this will probably be the time I use to read until I heal up!

Wednesday 8/15:

  • No workout. My car broke down 100 feet from the gym entrance and had to be towed. That was a fun night. No gym and lots of tears.

Thursday 8/16:

During my lunch hour (and after buying a pair of shorts at NikeTown because I forgot my own), I did the following workouts:

  • NTC Core Crunch – 15 min – I cannot do some of the moves (planks mainly) so I modified the workout a bit. I used the Bosu for many of the exercises on the ground (v-ups, extensions) and I did squats with a weight and arm exercises when the workout called for any type of plank movement.
  • Stationary Bike – 12 min – 2 miles. Rode the sit down bike for 2 miles, because it was the only one available. I don’t really like this bike (I like the spin bikes much better, and even the bikes where you are in an upright position) but happy I got some (slow) time in.

Friday 8/17:

Saturday 8/18:

  • During HLS, there were so many great workouts offered. The only session I could join was the Reebok CrossFit Workout. After we learned the correct form for air squats from the trainers/models, we did the WOD. Today’s heart-rate increaser included a 5 minute AMRAP: 7 air squats and 15 jumps. Do you like my new lingo? I could only jump on one leg, so my right leg was sore as crap for the remainder of the weekend.

Sunday 8/19:

  • HLS set up a 5k for the attendees to run and/or walk. Jamie (my hysterical roommate) was kind enough to get out of bed to take a walk with me. We strolled along the Charles River for about 40 minutes and 2 miles. I experienced jealousy and anger towards strangers running near me, I can’t help it (not the HLS runners, I was happy for them, I swear).

Weekly Goals

Workout Minutes: 6 hours

Actual Workout Minutes: 2 hours 2 minutes (whoops, pretty large variance there).


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