Weekly Workout (8/20/12-8/26/12)

Monday 8/20:

  • Travel back from HLS. No workout. Shocker!

Tuesday 8/21:

  • Yoga
  • Strength

Wednesday 8/22:

  • Spin Class/Stationary Spin Bike

Thursday 8/23:

  • Yoga

Friday 8/24:

  • Spin Class/Stationary Bike
  • Strength
  • Core

Saturday 8/25:

  • Core
  • Strength

Sunday 8/26:

  • This is the first race (of a couple) I am missing due to my injury. My friends and sister are running the Wild Half Marathon in Wildwood, NJ. I decided I am going to rent a bike and ride along side of everyone!

Weekly Goals

Workout Minutes: 7 hours 45 min (includes the 2+ hours I plan on spending on a bike on Sunday)


2 thoughts on “Weekly Workout (8/20/12-8/26/12)

    1. Running Bun Post author

      Yea, this is all still new to me! I usually only miss a race because I’m absurdly late 🙂 I am missing another half in September too. My 2nd week (hopefully) back is the 18 mi tune up for the NYCM. Hopefully I can attend lol!


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