Dear September…

On August 1 I was four weeks into my marathon training and I was high as a kite on running. Then I got hurt and my kite got struck my lightning and it burst into flames. Dramaaaa Queeeen. Let’s see how much I accomplished in August…

  1. GOAL: Do a plank for 5 minutes (and more than once). ACTUAL: I got to 3 minutes before I got hurt. My doctor told me NOT to do planks until I was healed. So this goal is pushed back a month.
  2. GOAL: Take a spinning class once a week. ACTUAL: COMPLETED! This is going to be a goal every month, FYI.
  3. GOAL: Run a sub-23 minute 5k race. ACTUAL: Not a chance. Moving on….
  4. GOAL: Go to a Refine Method class with Katherine. ACTUAL: COMPLETED! I friggin loved it so much (but couldn’t take more classes during the month due to the cardio movements but I will in the future) See my review here.
  5. GOAL: Learn how to cook tofu successfully (and with flavor). ACTUAL: COMPLETED! and so excited about it! I made a yum Tofu Piccata for Heather’s Meatless Monday A to Z challenge!

I accomplished 3 of the 5 goals and missed the other 2 because of an injury and not because of pure laziness. I can deal with that!

September 2012 Goals:

  1. From August: Do a plank for 5 minutes, comfortably. Mini goal: Literally do a plank every day! #stopforgettingdummy
  2. From August: Run a sub-23 minute 5k race (I plan on running again next week if all goes well, if not, we will keep moving this back).
  3. BECOME A CERTIFIED SPINNING INSTRUCTOR! yippee. More info coming soon.
  4. Continue practicing yoga and pilates.
  5. Try new (healthy) foods that I have never tried before.
  6. Run. Anywhere, for any amount of time.


Alright, Let’s do this September!

What are your goals for September? 



3 thoughts on “Dear September…

  1. Kara

    My new years resolution was to do a plank every day. I did it for about four months! Then I got sick for a few days and stopped…my desire to complete the goal disappeared, haha. However, I used to have an alarm/reminder on my phone that went off every night at a time I knew I would be home and able to do a plank…if I hadn’t done one yet, I would immediately do it when the alarm went off! Definitely helps!


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