Back in the Game. So Far

I have been neglecting my blog lately. I’m sorry. I haven’t posted any of my weekly posts about exercising because last week I didn’t really do anything healthy, at all.

However there is GOOD NEWS! Since my dumb injury, I have ran THREE times!

I ran 3.27 miles last week on Thursday, the afternoon before I went to Vegas (sorry I am still relating everything to the best 5 days of my life). That was was the best run ever. I was basically high. I couldn’t stop smiling, saying to myself “OMG I AM RUNNING” and I felt like I could run forever. I also wasn’t sure why everyone in Central Park wasn’t cheering for me, but that is besides the point (maybe they were just too shy). I stopped at 30 minutes and didn’t run too fast because that is what my doctor told me to do.

My next run was this past Wednesday night, on a treadmill (yuck). I got to about a mile and a half and almost fell off because I couldn’t breathe and had horrible cramps in my entire body. So much for feeling like I could walk on water. I finished out 5 miles (ladder style, started at 9:13, then 8:49, 8:34 and back up) and felt a lot of things: happy I was finished, upset I was in so much pain, sad I lost all of my fitness, mad I lost all of my fitness and then extremely appreciative that I was running again. 

I ran again last night in Central Park with a friend with a goal of surviving. We legitimately suffered through 5.24 miles (she has also had foot problems, worse than mine actually) and our average pace was 9:23 with plenty of water stops.

My first 3 runs have gotten progressively worse. I don’t care though. I didn’t expect them to be perfect (actually I kind of did in some dumb-ass unrealistic world). I checked the NYC Marathon site last night and was able to see my start time, corral, and bib number. Well that makes it real doesn’t it? I’m scared to death. It is now only 7 weeks away and I can barely get through 5 miles. I have a lot of work to do to even come close to a portion of where I used to be but I am willing to do it. However, it must be done but taking it easy and slowly building my distance back up. I want to make sure I do not hurt myself again. THAT IS THE NUMBER ONE GOAL EVERYONE!

I am starting with a LONGer run this weekend of 8-10 miles (or as far as my legs want to take me).

PS – My NYCM start time is 10:05 and I am in the Green Corral if anyone wants to hang out with me (that was my faster time, obviously, now I should just start last).

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


10 thoughts on “Back in the Game. So Far

  1. sweatpassionandtears

    Glad you’re back to running! In another week or two that horrible feeling of not being able to run will go away and running will feel natural again, so don’t worry about it.

    Sure I’ll hangout with you at the NYCM start line if they allow bikes on the course…hhaha

  2. Linz

    your muscles have memory and you’ll get your mileage up there in no time flat! awesome you finished that 5 miles on the treadmill! i hate the tm!!

    1. Running Bun Post author

      I used to run on the treadmill all of the time! Then I started running outside all of the time and now I cannot stand the treadmill! It was forced 🙂 Thanks for the positive energy! I need all I can get.

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