NYCM Training – Weeks 9-10 Recap

I haven’t posted my workouts in 2 weeks. After Week 8, I went to Vegas. When I got home I was not giving my blog any effing love. I post these workouts because I like being held accountable for my plans. Turns out, when I didn’t post my weekly workout plan/goals, I barely worked out. Lesson learned. No more slacking.

Week 9 (9/3/12-9/9/12)

Monday 9/3:

  • Power Fusion (FIOS on demand) – 20 min – I finally found the on demand workouts (or, decided to ACTUALLY look for the first time). The workout seemed reasonable so I selected it. It ended up being some random mix between yoga and rhythmic dancing. Not sure, but I was sweating yet bored after 20 minutes.
  • NTC – Sofia Boutella Fearless – 15 min

Tuesday 9/4-Wednesday 9/5:

Does walking to work from Penn Station count?

Thursday 9/6:

  • HERE WE GO!!! I ran. 3.27 fucking glorious miles – 30 min – I consider it the best run ever. I even wrote a blog post about it! No pain, only happiness 🙂

Friday 9/7-Sun 9/9:


Week 10 (9/10/12-9/16/12)

Monday 9/10:


Tuesday 9/11:

  • I made up a quick workout to do in my living room 🙂 (Is this picture too big?)


Wednesday 9/12:

  • Run 5 mi – 44 min – The run was painful and I could barely breathe. I honestly expected to maintain my fitness level during the time off but it just isn’t where I wanted it to be. It was only my second run though so I am not too upset!
  • NTC – Sculpted Arms – 15 min – TOUGH WORKOUT – I freaking loved it

Thursday 9/13:

  • Run 5.24 mi – 49 min – Tough run in Central Park with my friend Catherine. As with the run the day before, I became winded very easily.

Friday 9/14:


Saturday 9/15:

Sunday 9/16:


And there you have it ladies and gents 🙂 I am back to being diligent about these posts!


3 thoughts on “NYCM Training – Weeks 9-10 Recap

  1. Keri

    Ash! Did u forget you did two planks in Vegas?? Haha btw what is NTC sculpted arms, I wanna try. And congratulations again on the certification, I would come to your classes but you know my body can’t handle that craziness.


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