NYCM Training – Week 11 Recap

This week was awesome. I feel healthy and my self-confidence is coming back 🙂 I actually wrote a guest post on Melissa’s blog describing my change in feelings (and goals) for the NYC Marathon!

Monday 9/17: 10.44 mi – 1:35:40 (9:10 avg pace) – This was my first double digit run since running again after my foot injury! Erin and I ran some loops around Central Park and the reservoir. We chatted the entire time and ran at a casual pace. This helped the miles tick by very quickly! At the end, I felt like I could have kept running, which was a great feeling!


Tuesday 9/18: 3.00mi – 26 min (8:39 avg pace) – I ran on the treadmill at my house. Boring as always but happy to get it done!

Wednesday 9/19: Rest

Thursday 9/20: Rest

Friday 9/21: 3.01 mi – 27 min – (8:58 avg pace) – I ran through my neighborhood before I went to a wedding! Also, the wedding was amazing. Great dancing, food and photo booth action.

Saturday 9/22: Wedding Recovery and Nacho inhaling

Sunday 9/23: 18.23 mi – 2:48:58 (9:16 avg pace) – I met up with Lora to run the NYRR 18 Mile Tune Up. I had a lot of nervous thoughts before this run. I was not quite sure I would be able to complete the distance, but I knew I had to try. My goal was to finish (it was my last 9+1 requirement for the 2013 NYCM) and it did not involve any time (even though I told Lora I would run 9min/mi with her). We chatted and laughed the entire three loops around the Park. This absolutely helped the time go by (and to forget the fact that we ran the Harlem Hills and Cat Hill three times)! Very grateful to have run this with her because I do not think I would have gotten through it alone 🙂



I went to brunch afterwards with Abby and Laura and then went out for football. GREAT HAPPY SUNDAY!

Total Weekly Mileage: 34.68, a nice round number!


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