Product Review: Plant Fusion Protein (Vegan & Gluten/Soy Free)!

I first read about Plant Fusion on Alex’s blog and wanted to give it a shot (as I promised myself I would incorporate protein into my diet for recovery after long runs and/or heavy training)!

Plant Fusion graciously sent me 4 sample’s to try: Chocolate, Chocolate Raspberry, Vanilla and Unflavored. I tried two of the packages before I got hurt and two when i started running again! This review is being done way too long after the company sent me the product!

I tried each package in a different way so I could see how I liked it the best as well as what is easiest and still tasted well.

  • I tried the Vanilla by mixing it with water in a Blender bottle. I followed the directions on the package for the amount of water to use. I found myself needing to add more water to get the protein powder to mix appropriately but it did not have a powdery taste and I enjoyed it! Note: Taken after a 17mi long run
  • I mixed the chocolate raspberry with soy milk in the same Blender bottle. As with the vanilla and the water, I did have to add a little more soy milk. Same great taste with the consistency of chocolate milk! Note: Taken after an 8mi tempo run and a strength workout
  • I blended the chocolate flavor with almond milk and ice and a bit of almond butter. Basically this was a delicious milkshake that I want all of the time. Note: Taken after a very long bike ride
  • I blended the unflavored protein with vanilla soy milk and ice. This was the only sample that had a powdery taste to it (but still able to drink it without complaints)! However, I do think it would be great to use it for baked goods and protein pancakes! Note: Taken after an 18mi long run

plantfusionstats Source

So how did I feel after taking the protein? I was absolutely less sore and recovered faster than on days I did not take anything.

I am new to proteins so I am not 100% positive what all of the ingredients do to help with recovery. Plant Fusion contains 21g of protein, 4,500mg BCAAs and 3,350 mg of Glutamine per package (or scoop, if using the big tub). I did a little internet research and read that BCAAs (branch chain amino acids) are important to your diet as your body does not manufacture them on its own. BCAAs are important for recovery and muscle development. Glutamine is another amino acid that the body produces to support the immune, digestive and nervous system. Because Plant Fusion contains both amino acids, you will not need to supplement either with another any pills or powder! Winner!

I will definitely be ordering some more of the protein!

If you would like to contact them/order the product, their information is as follows:



Twitter: @plantfusion

These opinions are my own. Plant Fusion provided me with the product to sample and to review for my readers. I was not compensated beyond product samples for this post. I am not a certified nutritionist.  I am sharing my thoughts based on experience and research.


12 thoughts on “Product Review: Plant Fusion Protein (Vegan & Gluten/Soy Free)!

    1. Running Bun Post author

      Do you use a different protein now? Always interested in hearing about others! I have only tried Plant Fusion and Vega! Someone suggested another to me that I want to try as well

  1. forgottenbeast

    I love Plant Fusion! It is my absolute favorite protein powder (and I’ve tried A LOT of protein powders, haha). Tasty plus great ingredients, agrees with my body, and provides what you need after a hard workout!

    1. Running Bun Post author

      What others have you tried? Always interested in knowing what else is out there! Although, this definitely seemed to work for me so I should stick with it and order a big tub.

      1. forgottenbeast

        Hmm, lots. Different Vega products (so-so opinion of those–perform great but taste off and are expensive), olympian pea protein (current other favorite), garden of life raw protein (favorite unflavored protein), Sun warrior (not all it’s cracked up to be, if you ask me), manitoba hemp (another favorite, but hemp protein is really in it’s own category and is a personal taste thing)…those are just the most recent, haha. I do definitely recommend the pea protein if you ever want to try a different chocolate protein powder.

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