Vegetarian Awareness Month

I am a day late (usually for everything) but October 1 was the kickoff of Vegetarian Awareness Month. This makes me happy. I want to celebrate by sharing some of the lifestyle changes by means of household and beauty product switcheroos with you!

When I first became a vegetarian, one of the first habits I picked up was reading labels. I read labels of food mainly because I need to know what I am eating now. I also read labels of items at grocery stores too. I look for the manufacturer of the items I am purchasing and I look for whether or not the item notes if it is “NOT tested on animals.” If the wording is not there, there is a good chance it is.


The follow symbol is what I look for when I buy makeup!


This is the “Cruelty Free – WE DO NOT TEST ON ANIMALS” symbol!

Actually it is the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics’ (CCIC) Leaping Bunny Program which administers a cruelty-free standard and the internationally recognized Leaping Bunny Logo for companies producing cosmetic, personal care, and household products. The Leaping Bunny Program provides the best assurance that no new animal testing is used in any phase of product development by the company, its laboratories, or suppliers (source).

Luckily for me, I always was a fan of Urban Decay, who does not test any of their products on animals and a majority of their makeup is Vegan (it will be marked with a paw print)! Urban Decay is a little more expensive so when I need something from CVS or Duane Reade I use Almay. Almay has been Cruelty-Free for over 20 years! (source).

My favorite products!

Urban Decay Deluxe Shadow Box


Urban Decay Naked Palette

Cannonball Ultra Waterproof Mascara (my eyes tear like crazy so I need waterproof)


I purchase a lot of Zoya nail polish as they are completely Vegan! It can be found at CVS or any drugstore and all beauty supply stores!


There are a lot of great resources out there for information on which nail polishes are tested on animals. My favorite blog is Vegan Claws. The posts are backed with facts from the websites from the companies!


I used to use Dove but I switched to St. Ives. I use St. Ives body wash and face wash and I absolutely love it! The back of the bottles state in bold print NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS.

St.-Ives-Apricot-Scrub          stives_oatmeal2


I switched all of my cleaning products (all-purpose, shower, glass, toilet), laundry products (detergent, dryer sheets), paper products and dish detergent to Seventh Generation.


Seventh Generation is an eco-conscious company that offers products that reduce environmental impact. It is absolutely on the expensive side so I buy it on sites where you can get discounts like through!

I also buy Method soap on Only the foam soap (because I freaking love foam soap). Method also has a lot of other products but the soap is the only thing I have purchased so far! I buy the big bags of the refills as well!


There you have it, a little peak into my life (like you don’t have one already). Animal cruelty is something that actually means a lot to me though so although I am not one to protest, I do my best and I do my part. I love animals so it’s always better to do something than nothing at all. Keep in mind that not ALL companies test directly on animals. Many of them actually are cruelty-free, however, their parent companies are not. If you want to start somewhere easy, go with Procter & Gamble, the KINGS of animal testing. If you want to cleanse any of your household or beauty products, I added a link of companies that you should consider staying away from!

For a more detailed list of companies that DO test on animals, click here.

For a list of companies that DO NOT test on animals, click here.

We live in America, we can make our own decisions and choices. It is extremely easy (and quick) to turn over and check out a bottle of soap, detergent, cleaner, body wash or anything at all and look at the manufacturer and put it back on the shelf!

Think about the animals.


SIDE NOTE: I am pretty embarrassed but I am going to be completely honest, as I wrote this post, I looked at my St. Ives face wash in my bag that I had from the gym this morning and saw that the manufacturer was Unilever. Interesting that I wrote this post and I am telling everyone to put the shit back on the shelf while I was purchasing it the entire time. Human error. Anyone have any suggestions for body wash and face wash NOT owned by any shitty companies? Crap.

These opinions are my own!


8 thoughts on “Vegetarian Awareness Month

  1. Kara

    I’m so glad you wrote this-I’ve been looking for better makeup/products that are cruelty free. Actually the CCIC has a cruelty free app! (just search cruelty free in the app store).

    Looks like a trip to Sephora is in my future!

  2. Jenna

    I never knew all of this about the beauty and makeup products! Wow! I’ve only ever thought of vegetarianism and veganism in term of food! Thank you for educating my ignorance!!!! Spa love!

    1. Running Bun Post author

      I actually have been trying to research it more after I wrote this post. I know Unilever is on the list of companies who do test on their products animals.

      This is from their website…

      They explain how they are working to end animal testing but its not there yet I guess.

      I am just trying to minimize (to the best of my ability) the products that I buy that are tested on animals and to not buy from companies that do!

  3. Rebecca

    Burt’s Bees and The Body Shop are both cruelty free companies. I have started using their face and body products.

  4. Loulabella Forever (@LouiseGard)

    Good for you for doing the right thing. Im doing the same daily-realising things I thought were fine are lining the pockets of greedy unethical companies who are cruel to humans and animals in Unilevers case. Check out my facebook page-its updated daily and features ethical products. Im totally independent and always looking for contributors if you want me to share your blog, as I have done with this one x


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