Ragnar Relay Adirondacks – Leg 3

Leg 1 Review – rain, cold, tears, lost friends.

Leg 2 Review – happiness, joy, speed, teamwork, cracked out, I love running!

A few photos from my girls during the Leg 2 night runs…

Erin won a prize after completely the HARDEST leg! Chyea

We all crushed our second leg. I cannot even describe how proud I am of the girls in our van. We passed the bracelet off to Lora so they could take over around 1ish am (maybe?), seriously pounded some pasta at the exchange and drove to the next major exchange in order to get some freaking sleep.

Sleep (n): A natural periodic state of rest for the mind and body

What I did: Roll around in the front seat of the RAV, kick the radio 73 times, jolt up in the seat to see what time it is, text Lora every 15 minutes to see when they would be there to make sure I was ready to run, pass out for an hour so when they did get there at 4:30 am, I was completely unprepared, had to search for the bathroom, change, put contacts in and have a panic attack.

I got dressed in anything neon yellow (so cars, deer and/or bears could see me coming) that I had (which happened to all be from Lululemon). I was so delirious, I mumbled something incoherent to the Ragnar worker and to the girls and I took off into the night.


Leg 3: 9.6 mi, 1:36 (10:00/mi avg – hill walking)

I didn’t look at the race map before starting this leg. I actually didn’t look at anything except Erin telling me to calm the F down. I got a nice surprise when I turned the corner off the “main” road onto a pitch black side street directly up a mountain. I had about three feet of visibility with my headlamp due to the rain coming down. I was already exhausted at one mile in.

The girls drove along side of me for a while then would drive in front of me to light up the road a bit. It helped squash my fears that an axe murderer or bear was going to kill me. My stomach was not in a good place and I almost threw up and continuously had to walk up the big hills. When we passed the “One Mile Left” sign for the first portion of the run, it hit me that I only had to run FIVE more miles and I was going to be done with Ragnar. An ULTRA Ragnar. There were other vans driving by (although I only saw one runner during this portion of the leg) so I parted ways with the girls for a little while, put my music on and DUG DEEP.

The second portion of the run was 4.1 miles (labeled easy by the Ragnar folks) so I worked hard and clocked miles all under 9:00. My goal was to finish strong! Of course there was no “One Mile Left” sign for the second portion so my mind wandered into BAD territory thinking I was going to have to run well into the next week in order to finish. I pushed forward and saw the Ragnar support staff and the orange flags for the exchange! I WAS THE HAPPIEST PERSON EVER!


I got a GINORMOUS hug from Erin and we sent her on her final leg while I chugged water and sat in the back of the car without pants on for about 30 minutes.

More pics from the girls KILLING their final legs (early morning into dawn)!


RAGNAR DONE! Let’s jump so high and make Ashley jealous!

SO FAST. Running to the free pizza.

I am beyond proud of all of us, and obviously the girls in Van 2 (I just don’t have pictures of them). We went to the final exchange to wait for the other van to run their final legs and slept in the car while snuggling bags of candy corn pumpkins and free pizza we got from some amazing Englishman.

The wake-up call resulted in the follow outfit decision:

Awesome sidenote: Lora made these skirts

Dana killed her final leg and we had an epic run through the finish line (with rose petals and chanting). Celebrations were in order.

Olympic ski jumps in the background. Pretty sweet.




Beers from Lake Placid Brewery 🙂

I learned a lot, and experienced many emotions. This relay helped me regain confidence that I can cover some serious distance (at a respectable pace) just 3 weeks after starting to run again after being injured. I have no doubt in my mind that I will be able to complete the NYC Marathon (for enjoyment, not time).


Maids of Dishonor Leg 3 Recaps!




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