Meatless Monday A to Z (Figs)!

I love that I only posted one of these recipes on a Monday. Oh well!


I love Figs, but I think they are actually going out of season. BOO. Abby and I wanted to make a pizza the night before our super duper 20+ mile long run this past weekend and miraculously Jamie posted a recipe for an Eggplant, Fig and Ricotta Pizza. Yum.

I went to Whole Foods at lunch on Friday and picked up our ingredients and when I got to Abby’s we popped open a bottle of wine and got started!


Here is what Jamie’s Pizza looked like:

Jamies Pizaa

Here is what our pizza looked like:


I’m not sure what happened really. The taste was not the problem. It was delicious. However, it was completely stuck to the cooking stone and it came off in chunks instead of slices! Oh well. It was really good and paired well with our wine.

Definitely give the recipe a shot! It was amazing (Just like the rest of Jamie’s recipes, please teach me how to cook).


3 thoughts on “Meatless Monday A to Z (Figs)!

  1. andbread

    Heating the pizza stone before putting the pizza on and using cornmeal on the bottom of the dough should keep it from sticking! Looks awesome though – I’d eat it in chunks 🙂 And I love your meatless meal ideas, I’m not that creative when it comes to the meatless meals, so seeing what you make is great inspiration!

  2. Jamie @ StudioEats

    I’m so glad you tried it! And yes definitely important to a) make the crust super thin– helps with it coming off as slices instead of chunks and b) put cornmeal down. I’ve never used a pizza stone, I simply just bake mine on a making sheet sprinkled with cornmeal. So glad you have it a shot!


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