NYCM Training – Week 14 Recap

I am 3 weeks out from the NYC Marathon. This past week was supposed to be “peak week.” I suppose it would be peak week for me if I were still following a training plan.

SO going with unconventional training, this week was actually the lowest mileage I ran since coming back from being injured (I think anyway).

Week 14 (10/8 – 10/14)

Monday 10/8: Rest

Tuesday 10/9: Bike – 10 mi, NTC – Arm Definer 15 min

Wednesday 10/10: Rest

Thursday 10/11: I wanted to get a few miles done at my half marathon goal pace (for the ING Hartford Half on Saturday)!

5 Treadmill Miles – 1 mi Warm up @ 9:22, 3 x 1 mi @ 8:00, 1 mi cool down @ 9:22

Friday 10/12: I should have rested before my half marathon. Instead I ran in Central Park at lunch with my friend Chris, in this outfit (with a regular bra, because why wouldn’t I forget a sports bra for a run i shouldn’t be running):

Chris clearly thought I looked awesome (NOT embarrassing). Why else would he take a picture?

Chris is doing the NJ Tough Mudder on Oct 20. He wanted to run a fast 6 miles. I stopped short at 4.62 miles and kept the pace at 9:05ish. I’m a good person.

Saturday 10/13: ING Hartford Half Marathon. Big fucking PR! I couldn’t be happier!

Official Stats:

13.1 mi – 1:45:38 (8:03 avg pace)

Overall Place: 888 of 5,946

Gender Place: 237 of 3,320

Age Group Place (25-29): 45 of 555

Sunday 10/14: Rest day/Eat EVERYTHING in sight. And then 3 huge tacos for dinner.

Total Weekly Mileage: 23


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