Finding 2012 NYC Marathon Inspiration at Columbus Circle (Courtesy of Asics)


Welp, the NYC Marathon is now 9 days away. My emotions are still running rampant. I go from PURE JOY and EXCITEMENT after watching things like this (watch the whole thing, its worth it):

The Road To The Finish from StoryView on Vimeo.

to SHEER PANIC when I think about whether or not my body can handle the 26.2 mile journey.

To be completely honest, I started this post yesterday and saved a draft to finish today (because I was leaving work). It was going to be all about my anxiety and fears and lack of self-confidence and ability.

I am REALLY happy I waited a day to write this because 1. Who wants to read that kind of garbage and 2. I made my way down into the Columbus Circle subway station where Asics has literally taken over and decorated the walls with marathon goodness. First stop, finding my name amongst the runners!



To be completely honest, in the seconds leading up to finding my name I had a full blown hot flash and had to rip off my jacket because I was sweating so much. Nerves or excitement? Let’s go with the latter.

I snapped a new pictures of some friends’ names running as well but (even though it was in alphabetical order) the names were not that easy to find and of course, I was having a series of hot flashes.

There are hundreds of feet of walls covered in marathon paraphernalia.




The whole display is amazing. All of my fears and worries disappeared when I was walking through and looking at everything. I decided that whenever I am feeling worried or doubting myself next week, I will leave work for a bit and just stand down there! Looking at the displays brings feelings of excitement ONLY. I need all of the positive energy I can get leading up to November 4!

If you are running (and live and/or work in NYC) and have not yet visited the display, I highly suggest you get on it.

If you will be spectating the race, where will you be? I want to look for everyone!


14 thoughts on “Finding 2012 NYC Marathon Inspiration at Columbus Circle (Courtesy of Asics)

  1. Stacy Lazar

    Totally wish I could cheer you on! Instead, I’ll cheers a glass of wine in honor of you – from the northfork.

  2. fionarwbl

    I’m going to check this out this weekend! I’m in a constant state of flux from fear and survival mode to excitement and kicking ass. It’s a roller coaster!

  3. Jen

    Marathon Envy (noun): a nonsensical feeling of jealousy towards those who will be running 26.2 miles through the streets of Manhattan. Known solutions are to cheer on 1st or 5th avenues for the amazing people who are going to totally kick ass on Nov 4!

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