The NYC Marathon (Might Be) Six Days Away – Here Are My Thoughts

This post was going to start off with 100% PURE EXCITEMENT FOR THE FUCKING NYC MARATHON. OBVIOUSLY. Until Hurricane Sandy came.

I currently live in Bergen County NJ (very North Eastern NJ, 17 miles to NYC, to be exact). I grew up in Point Pleasant, NJ (Ocean County, NJ, and still wish I lived there). However, there are these shitty fucking things that happen, like hurricanes that travel all the way up to the tri-state area and wreak havoc on us. I will ALWAYS support the Jersey Shore (no matter what those fucks did to taint it).

Prior to Sandy, to me, the respectable Jersey Shore was Point Pleasant, Manasquan, Belmar and (all of) LBI (I have family there). After Sandy, the Jersey Shore includes every town from Long Branch down to fucking Cape May. We are one in the same. After all of the preparations and fear, Hurricane Sandy made landfall in NJ, somewhere just south of Atlantic City. It is hard to write this post without crying. To be honest, it is hard to sit up in North Jersey and watch your hometown be destroyed by the minute. I drank a lot (and ate more than acceptable) to get through it.

THANKFULLY, my parents and sisters (and aunt/uncle/cousin) live more than a mile and a half from the ocean.  My family is ok. That is my first priority. I am happy to report that to you. The damage is minimal, I am happy to report that to you as well.

SO – on to the next depressing topic – What do I know about the NYC Marathon? I have no idea. I read a few articles. Is it legit? I have no idea to be honest!!! (I’m sure there will be updated articles after I post this)!

Now. The content of this post: Why I am excited to run the NYC Marathon: (I wrote these down on the post-its at work on throughout the week last week, actually) 🙂

  • I am finally running the race – I have been denied by the lottery for two years (as have many others). For those doing the NYRR 9+1 qualification – you know it takes a long time. I have been working since January 2011 for this race (and luckily for me, the cost went up in 2012).
  • I am running with Sky again. I could have never finished the NJ Marathon sub-4 without her. END OF STORY.
  • I am excited for all of my friends who trained their fucking asses off for this race. They deserve a PR.
  • The support and encouragment  – It is constant and it is endearing! I could not ask for more from my family and my friends! My friends planned on following me throughout the course – through Brooklyn (x2) and Manhattan (x3). Post hurricane and MTA shutdown, may not possible! However, the support is still there 🙂
  • I am running (mostly) new streets in NYC!
  • My training was unconventional! Prior to my dumb ass injury I was KILLING it in training. I was running fast and hard. Afterwards, I ran whenever and at whatever speed.
  • The chills – I get the chills when I think about the marathon in general! I spent the last few years as a spectator. In 2009, I made my way to mile 18 (hungover as shit) to mile 18 to see a friend, and saw many runners visit their family members. I cried, over and again. In 2010, my friend ran. When I saw him I screamed as loud as I could as the same mile marker!!! He looked so strong! At the end of the race, we iced him. I still feel bad, because I know he will eventually pay me back. The sidelines are AMAZING!!!
  • Before last week I was convinced that the Central Park hills would be no problem for me. Anyone who has run the marathon before knows better (I am a rookie). The 5th Ave hill (climb) back into the park is no joke. However, I know the crowd will pull me through the god awful MILE LONG CLIMB!
  • The NYC Marathon signs. They have been up for weeks now (and hopefully still up now). I ignored them in the years passed. Now I embrace them like a mother fucker. They are MY SIGNS and I love them.

  • The finish line!

Although not the REAL finish, and you’ve seen this picture. This shit is LEGIT.

There are probably more reasons. When I think of them, I will create another post 🙂 For now, lets just think of everyone who has been misplaced from the hurricane. She was an asshole. Let’s hope everyone is safe.

As for the NYCM – should it go on? Can it go on? Who the hell knows? Either way, I would love to run it. The city was built on resilience, obviously. But if NYC cannot be cleaned up in time, I get that too. Hurricanes like this are no joke. Me? My legs want to run. My heart wants to help everyone that needs help. It definitely puts things in perspective!

For some reason my B (-) blood is the second most rare blood type and I am going to give it back. I plan going home and donating blood to the American Red Cross (YOU SHOULD TOO)!!!! Even if you do no have a weirdly rare blood type.


9 thoughts on “The NYC Marathon (Might Be) Six Days Away – Here Are My Thoughts

  1. Caroline

    I’m happy to hear that your family is safe and doing ok. Sandy is devastating to see, for sure.

    I’m excited for you getting to run NYC. It’s a HUGE deal so I can’t wait to hear about it. Have fun running!

  2. Amanda @ Run Principessa

    I’m so, so happy to hear that you and your family are safe. These things happen and are awful, but they’re supposed to make you stronger or something, right?

    As far as NYC, I just saw something saying it’s a go. Whether that’s the truth or not, I’m not sure. But I really, really hope so! I’m very excited to hear all about your experience. Maybe one day I’ll be there too. 🙂

  3. Dori

    I hope the marathon can go on.. although I am supposed to volunteer at the expo on Saturday but I have no way to get there! They say PATH trains will be out of service for 7-10 days… so if I can’t get there and I’m not even running the race, what will other people do? Anxiously awaiting an official word from NYRR.

  4. gmruns

    love that you wrote reasons you were excited on post-its. Nice to know I am not the only freak that does such a thing.
    I have also been stalking the news to see what will happen. I am not running but have mixed emotions about it all. Glad your family is safe and there was minimal damage too!

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