Blogger Inspiration

I run because I love running. I run because I love being healthy. I love running because when I am out there I am inspired by everyone else who is out there, no matter where I am, on the streets on near my house in Jersey, in Central Park, or in any race. I sincerely am proud of every single person who is out there putting each foot in front of the other. I know how hard it can be at times and I know how rewarding it can be at times.

This community is extremely committed and helpful to one another. I would have never been able to have progressed as a runner without the blogging community. So…I am dedicating this section of my blog to Bloggers Who Inspire!

Please contact me, and let me know about bloggers who inspired you, and how and why. Because in general, we are all strangers at first, and we come together because we have a love for healthy living and we feel the need to spread the love of healthy living. I believe it is a beautiful thing.


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