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Work it Out Hoboken – Turkey Burn 2012

I was excited to finally try Work it Out, a boutique studio in Hoboken. Dori and I signed up for a special work out called the Turkey Burn for the Sunday after Thanksgiving.

The studio is gorgeous. It is bright and welcoming.

Photo Credit: WiO Studios

There is a small locker room which lockers that you can program each visit right past the reception area (you do not need to bring your own lock, which is awesome for people like me who ALWAYS forgets your lock).

Photo Credit: WiO Studios

We were given a quick tour of the studio and then give the agenda for the workout (which scared me that any workout is long enough to have an agenda).

Warm up: 1 mile run outside

Ride Class (spin)

Sweata Weatha Class (strength circuit)

Dori and I were in the first group back from the run so we went into the spin class first, ON THE PINK BIKES!

The spin room is Teeeenty tiny. Only 8 bikes, 4 rows of 2. It didn’t feel cramped though. The instructor, April, was amazing. The class was really tough but she helped us through each part by being very motivational!

After spin, we took off our shoes and went into the work out room. The room had a springy gymnastics floor. My childhood memories came rushing back to me and my initial reaction was to do a back handspring but then I remembered I would probably break something. The next part of class was the circuit training taught by Monica. There were stations set up around the room (8 or 10 total I cannot remember) and we did each station for one minute. In between stations we did 30 seconds of burpees. I am positive I did 6,000 burpees yesterday. My favorite station: boxing with Monica. I love boxing and used to go often and I lost my touch because she gave me a look like “Come on, is that really all you’ve got?” Constant motion, constant work on a different part of the body. Awesome format. We finished up with a 2 minute wall sit that made me want to jump off a bridge. We ended the entire class with a great stretch and I felt refreshed.

My only peeve about the class was the lack of correction by the instructors. We were given the instructions of a lot of exercises quickly and it was hard to remember. I had to take a second at each station to see if I was doing it correctly. Because she was boxing the first time, it wasn’t until the second time around the circuit that she came over with corrections and instructions to help us out! I found myself doing the wrong thing on more than one occasion.

I really did love the classes and the studio. I would 100% love to go to a spin/strength combination workout like this each week! It was great to visit a new studio! I am loving the boutique studios more and more! Bonus: I got to spend some more time with Lynda, who was also taking the class!

For more information on Work it Out Hoboken, you can visit their website at http://www.workitoutgym.com/wio/

You can visit them on Facebook and Twitter as well!

The address of the studio is as follows:

603 Willow Avenue
Hoboken, NJ 07030
(201) 222-0802


Who’s a Greatist? #imagreatist

Why am I a Greatist? I applied and was chosen (wooooop!) to be an official Greatist ambassador.

greatist logo

The Greatist is a health and fitness source with quality (and fun) content. Every fact is cited (by a PubMed study), every sentence is meticulously verified, and every article expert-approved (source).

Their motto: Everyone has a choice to be more fit, healthy, and happy. And though our goals and ambitions are often similar, each person is unique, every story different. A greatist is someone who chooses better to improve their fitness, health, and happiness. Are you a greatist?

I love the Greatist website and I subscribed to their daily tip emails (and podcasts)! I find the range of topics impressive (healthy recipes, workout guides, day to day healthy living tips, to name a few) and the content is always easy to understand. My favorite part of the site: the infographics. Learn by picture, sign me up.

When Greatist announced they were opening apps for their first ambassador program, I signed up. I love connecting with other fabulous, fitness savvy people. I want to share my story and learn from others. New tips about how to make healthier choices, thanks.

So what does one do as a Greatist Ambassador?

Greatist Ambassador. super noun. a person who makes healthier choices and inspires others to do the same. By becoming a Greatist Ambassador, you take on the awesome challenge of not only making better choices for yourself, but promising to empower, inform, and inspire others to become greatists, too. At the same time, we want to reward people who are already inspiring others to be healthier and happier! Together, we can impact and improve people’s lives, one small choice at a time — and that’s pretty kickass.

Pretty awesome philosophy.

Here is a snippet of my application:

I will always go to my peers for support, information, advice, workouts, clothing and shoe suggestions and/or reviews and (thankfully) my (not  creepy online) friends and readers now come to me for the same things. They are the most kind, compassionate and caring people. They inspire me and motivate me to do my best in any situation. They compliment me and encourage me. They tell me when I am wrong and when I need to suck it up. They ask me for my advice and appreciate and accept my opinion (as I unfortunately am not even close to being a fitness or health professional). As a healthy living blog reader who tries to do the same with others, it is extremely appreciated!

I know that every person has a different story and different reasons for healthy living. I know it is not easy (or realistic) to always maintain a strict healthy lifestyle. I pride myself on the balance I have between healthy choices and general enjoyment of life. I extend this by sharing my story and motivating others about running and fitness (yahoo, new certified spin instructor!) and healthy living! Honestly, I really enjoy the Greatist and I adore the site and its content. I would love to be part of the ambassador program and continue to spread the (unfortunately) sometimes not so obvious word that being healthy is freaking awesome.

Favorite thing: An open invitation to come hang at Greatist HQ if you’re ever in New York City! Laura, let’s make that happen, soon.

The first thing I want to do as an ambassador is spread the word about the site.

Webpage: http://greatist.com/

Manifesto: http://greatist.com/team/health-fitness-manifesto/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/greatistblog

Twitter: https://twitter.com/greatist

Pinterest (this is my favorite): http://pinterest.com/greatist/

A-Z Guide: http://greatist.com/az-guide/

Daily Tips Subscription: http://greatist.us2.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=32102b33cde61812e73270af4&id=4fee4617f5

The second thing is up to you guys. Make a healthier choice, even just one per day. Share it with others. It is that simple to inspire someone else to do the same. Use the hash tag #imagreatist and let someone else inspire you as well!

I am excited for this opportunity, I truly believe in their philosophy and I am honored to be a part of the program!