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ORANGE-UP for the NYC Marathon with ING Runners Nation!

It is Marathon week. Officially 7 more days until I toe (or gradually cross) the start line of the ING New York City Marathon.  I’ve been working toward getting to this start line for over 3 years! I’ve dealt with lottery rejection, injury, a year of qualifying and another year of training!

My family and friends (and millions of strangers) will be out there in full support of me. I will be running along side of 45,000+ others all working towards the same goal. It brings me an overwhelming feeling of joy.

Many of the runners will be running for a charity (in 2011, over 210 charities raised over $34 million, source, holy shit), either because they have an AMAZING heart or because of the difficulty it is to guarantee an entry into the race, hopefully a little of both.

I consider myself a healthy living blogger. I’m assuming if you read my blog you are interested in living a healthy life of you and your loved ones (or my mom paid you to increase my site hits). The ING Community Fund is tackling childhood obesity through ING Run For Something Better. They are helping children become fit through free, school-based running fitness programs. Through donations and grants, the programs introduce children to the benefit of running, physical fitness and healthy lifestyle choices. With ING-sponsored races and ING KiDS ROCK (a partnership between ING Run For Something Better and the KiDS ROCK running series operated by Competitor Group, Inc.), the kids get to experience a “final-mile run” which simulates a race day atmosphere! They will receive medals, t-shirts and orange laces! Although I do not have children, I would absolutely LOVE to volunteer at an event like this!

For those of you running, walking, spectating, watching on TV, dreaming of or even thinking about the ING NYC Marathon on November 4, I think a fun way to celebrate is to ORANGE-UP your fitness routine this week! If you donate $10 (or more) here, you will be sent a pair of orange shoelaces like these:


By participating, you’ll be supporting the 45,000+ runners in the ING NYC Marathon, as well as the ING Run for Something Better campaign that creates running programs for kids. Plus, who doesn’t want Neon orange laces in return for doing something good for kids, especially the week of Halloween?

ORANGE-UP WEEK – Monday, October. 29 – Sunday, November 4

Do you want to win something?

How about an ORANGE prize pack from ING? It will include those neon ORANGE laces as well as these ridiculously fun ORANGE glasses (no guarantee on looking as cool as me though):


It’s easy to participate (and it’s free)! SO wear something ORANGE, and tell your best friend and your mom and your dog to do the same and get ACTIVE!

How to Enter!

  1. Take a picture of yourself (or your best friend, or mom or dog, all the whole gang) wearing ORANGE (and having fun).
  2. Submit your photo:
    • Facebook – Post your picture on the ING Runners Nation page (and like it since you already do and are already there). Please include this caption with your picture: “I am wearing ORANGE with RunningBun.com because I support the ING Runners Nation #orange_up.
    • Twitter – Tweet your photo to @INGRunnerNation with the following: “I am wearing ORANGE with @runningbun because I support the ING Runners Nation and #INGCLassof2012 #orange_up.
  3. Comment on this post (one for each entry) and let me know you submitted the pictures (I want to see them too, and it’s the only way I can pick a winner via Random.org!

Your picture must include the bolded caption above. You can enter a maximum of two times (one on Facebook and one on Twitter). There is no prior registration necessary, just submit your picture when you’re done exercising (or during, if you can multi-task)!  A random winner will be selected from all of the comments I receiver on this post (so don’t upload and not let me know) on November 5, 2012 (if I have enough energy to lift my hands).

Have fun with this!

Best of luck to all of the ING Class of 2012 runners!!

Please note: I will not stop stay ORANGE until after the marathon Smile Sorry!


Thankful (and a PRO Compression winner!)

Thankful is how I felt after I read all of your comments on my post discussing my injury. I asked (or forced you to give me some motivational speaking for a giveaway entry) about how to stay motivated during an injury.

I am happy I went with that question because the responses were thoughtful, helpful and hilarious.

GM Runs – “You will totally be ok and ready to come back harder than ever. Aqua jogging anyone??!!?”

Kristy – “I was injured 3x in the past year. it sucked. I have to say the best thing I did was stay positive and think outside the box. I did not sit around and feels sorry for myself. I took it day to day and stayed as active as possible. And I didn’t let anyone tell me I couldn’t or wouldn’t do something”

Crystal – “I always try to find some other sort of activity I CAN do despite the injury. Whether it be biking, swimming, yoga, what be it. I also read up on other people’s blog to be able to keep my spirit up. And I always go to Tweeps who dish out advice and love.”

Kim – “A few years back I had a stress fracture in my hip and was on crutches for 2 months to avoid surgery! I stayed motivated by thinking of all the years and races I had in my future by taking care of myself NOW. Stay positive! :)

Kristen Miller – ‘I motivate others by baking them things, are you in NYC? Also, when I’m injured, I do good like charity or for a friend.” *Note from Ashley: yes I am in NYC, will you bake for me? Then we can go play with puppies at an animal shelter. We will be BFF’s, I swear.*

Laura – “My best advice is to try to just stay “fit” through other exercise – swimming, arms-only weight lifting, etc. There are a lot of ways to get your heart rate up without using your feet!”

Joseph Bridgeforth – “I stay motivated by watching running videos on youtube, especially ones by ryan hall.”

Stacy – “As for something to motivate while injured…it’s called wine. Sav. Blanc, preferably.”

Thy – “During times of injury… I figure out what I did (or did not do) to possibly prevent this so it doesn’t happen again. It sucks and I take a few days off. After that I try and regroup and lay off of it and do other things to keep the body active. I usually work on weaknesses like strengthening stabilizer muscles and do more core work. That way, I’ll return better than before.”

Stephanie H. – “Any time I’ve been injured, I stay motivated by looking forward to the “grand return” and how good it will feel to move again. I also cross train to keep myself from going crazy. When others are injured, I drink with them. I’m a good friend that way.”

Kayla – “When I was injured I focused on a new goal – I wanted nice arms so I focused on upper body strength. I still got in cardio with the bike and elliptical but my arms were looking pretty good when I was in my sister – in – laws wedding! :)

Vicki Alford –  “My motivation during an injury would be that I would have to slow down and try something new. I love to try new things but I don’t always make time for new things in my daily schedule.”

Amy L. – “My husband is my motivation, if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be running. Seeing him go through injuries while training for marathons shows me that these things are temporary and everyone goes through them. He is definetly my source of inspiration! To motivate others, I tell them to never give up. If you dream big and believe in yourself, anything is possible!”

Running Hutch – “It’s funny how watching a movie about running or overcoming can be amazing motivation, even while you’re sitting on your couch you just start geeking out about when you can get back on your feet and move again. It can be equally frustrating but for me it’s usually a positive way to keep my mind motivated even when my body isn’t able.”

Chelsea – “I always think of people who can’t run when I’m injured, because my inability to run is only temporary :)

I will continue to go through the comments (with a glass of wine, probably) whenever I am upset or feeling down. Reading through them puts me in a better mood and helps me understand that injuries are temporary!

I picked a winner (well Random.org did) for the PRO Compession giveaway. Because WordPress doesn’t show comment numbers I had to count to the winning comment. I counted at least 13 times to make sure I had the right winner!

The winner is Stephanie H. (http://www.fitmomintraining.com)!!! Yay! Please email me at ashleyrunningbun@gmail.com with your shipping details so I can send you the socks!

To the non-winners:

Because PRO Compression is such an amazing and generous company, they are offering 40% off of the marathon socks and free shipping when you use the code PC40!

There will be more giveaways for PRO Compression socks in the coming week or two so make sure you check out the following blogs and watch for the giveaways:

THANK YOU ALL for the comments, they meant a lot 🙂

This Boot Was Made for Walking

I have been complaining a lot lately that I injured my foot. I barely ran last week. I made it 6 miles into a 20 miler before I was in tears and had to stop.

Stuck in Harlem. At least there was a DD.

I did not run this week hoping the mysterious pain in my left ankle/foot would go away and I would go back to enjoying my new relationship with speed at the track next week.

Then this happened:


I made an appointment with the doctor because I would rather a professional diagnose me than self-diagnosis. I was ready to amputate (ask Stacy, she was going to help). Anyway, I have a 5th Metatarsal Avulsion fracture (fancy doctor term for a stress fracture) and I have peroneal tendonitis. He said it has a lot to do with over-pronation (only my left foot over-pronates). The fracture looks like this (note: this is NOT my foot, but it shows exactly where I am injured):

See ya later NYCM

I am in the boot for at least 4 weeks. Its sweaty and awful. Exercise wise I am allowed to spin, swim and do yoga and pilates. I can also do strength training but nothing where I am jumping around, standing too long etc.

Did I cry at the doctor’s office? Yes.

Did I call my mom and cry? Yes.

Did I tell my boyfriend I was going to be an emotional, drunk basket-case for the next 4 weeks? Yes.

OK – now that we have all of that out of the way, let remember the post I wrote this morning about HOPE! I need to keep my head up. If this had to happen, I am happy it happened this far out from the NYCM. With 4 weeks off, I will still have 8 or 9 weeks to train. Yes I will probably still have to adjust my goal, but I will cross that bridge when it comes.


If you read my blog, or follow me on twitter, you know how much I love and adore PRO Compression socks. They are an amazing company and are actually helping to sponsor our Ragnar Relay team for Ragnar Adirondacks late September!

I have a pair of the neon pink sock to give away (SIZE S/M – size chart here)

I did a review on the marathon compression sock a little while back (REVIEW HERE).


  • Please leave a comment letting me know how you motivate yourself when you are injured or how you motivate others when they are injured.

EXTRA ENTRIES (Please leave a comment for each):

  • Follow me on twitter: @runningbun
  • Follow ProCompression on Twitter: @ProCompression
  • Tweet about the giveaway – I just entered to win pink @ProCompression socks from @runningbun and so can you! http://wp.me/p2ofeR-bt
  • Like my [new] Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/RunningBun

I will select a winner on RANDOM.ORG on Wednesday August 15 at 12pm EST!

If you don’t win, my Ragnar teammates have a few more pairs to give out after this giveaway!