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NYCM Training – Week 11 Recap

This week was awesome. I feel healthy and my self-confidence is coming back 🙂 I actually wrote a guest post on Melissa’s blog describing my change in feelings (and goals) for the NYC Marathon!

Monday 9/17: 10.44 mi – 1:35:40 (9:10 avg pace) – This was my first double digit run since running again after my foot injury! Erin and I ran some loops around Central Park and the reservoir. We chatted the entire time and ran at a casual pace. This helped the miles tick by very quickly! At the end, I felt like I could have kept running, which was a great feeling!


Tuesday 9/18: 3.00mi – 26 min (8:39 avg pace) – I ran on the treadmill at my house. Boring as always but happy to get it done!

Wednesday 9/19: Rest

Thursday 9/20: Rest

Friday 9/21: 3.01 mi – 27 min – (8:58 avg pace) – I ran through my neighborhood before I went to a wedding! Also, the wedding was amazing. Great dancing, food and photo booth action.

Saturday 9/22: Wedding Recovery and Nacho inhaling

Sunday 9/23: 18.23 mi – 2:48:58 (9:16 avg pace) – I met up with Lora to run the NYRR 18 Mile Tune Up. I had a lot of nervous thoughts before this run. I was not quite sure I would be able to complete the distance, but I knew I had to try. My goal was to finish (it was my last 9+1 requirement for the 2013 NYCM) and it did not involve any time (even though I told Lora I would run 9min/mi with her). We chatted and laughed the entire three loops around the Park. This absolutely helped the time go by (and to forget the fact that we ran the Harlem Hills and Cat Hill three times)! Very grateful to have run this with her because I do not think I would have gotten through it alone 🙂



I went to brunch afterwards with Abby and Laura and then went out for football. GREAT HAPPY SUNDAY!

Total Weekly Mileage: 34.68, a nice round number!


Halfway to Healing: What I Learned From My Running Injury

I saw this quote while I was reading Scott Jurek’s book, “Eat & Run.” It had quite an effect on me. I stopped reading for a while and thought about how it related to me as in many ways.

As a beginner runner, I struggled with pace, distance, catching my breath and finding the confidence to get back out there each day. But I wanted to be a runner, so I had to keep going and build my strength.

As years passed and my joy for running skyrocketed beyond what I thought was imaginable, I began to plan my running around racing goals and was caught in a compulsive drive to run faster and further. I trained my heart out for countless races, from the 5k distance to the marathon. I was able to clock times on my Garmin that I did not think I was capable of. I had no idea my body was able to produce that type of strength (relative to how I used to run of course).

During the last three years running has become a part of who I am. I not only run to maintain my fitness and health, but I run because it brings me happiness and a sense of serenity that I cannot get doing any other activity. Usually, my mind is all over the place, all of the time. Whichever excessive emotion I am feeling, I run, and I am relaxed.

Unfortunately, right now, I am not running. I fractured my foot and have not run in four weeks (with fingers crossed two more to go) and I am freaking out. I do not want to be angry or sad, but I am. I do not want the constant negative (and beyond over exaggerated) thoughts flowing through my mind…

  • “See you later 6:xx/mi training.”
  • “You may as well kiss the NYC Marathon goodbye.”
  •  “You will never run again because your body sucks.” 

I’m stuck somewhere in the middle of being happy for other runners and being raging bitch envious of them at the same time. My mind is not a good place to be at the moment. Then I remember how I am about every other aspect of my life BESIDES running, SANE and RATIONAL. I remember, I do not have a choice. I am injured right now and I need to get over it. I am 26 years old (well 27 in two weeks) and I am just starting to grow as a runner. I was having the best running month of my life before I hurt my foot.  I have plenty of time left to run. I will not let this little hiccup control my mind the way it has my body.

Strength comes in all forms. Right now, in my current situation, I need to pull my shit together, and be strong emotional (and mentally)! This injury is an obstacle that I need to overcome and it is giving me a chance to learn something about myself as a person. So far I have done everything the doctor has told me to do. I wore my walking boot for over two weeks, I have done ample amounts of bike riding and I have even picked up my pace once to a jog. I ask myself every day, “Do I want to run today, or do I want to run forever?”

It is important that I believe in myself and dig deep for strength in all situations. I have seen it pay off in training, racing and now I am waiting for it to pay off during my “injury time out.” I will see you all out there in a few weeks with a good attitude, well-rested and ready to run, fast.

NYCM Training – Week 5 Recap

Yes, I am still calling the posts NYCM Training. I am mentally training for it. Anyway, as you all know (because I have been complaining more than I should), I have a stress fracture and an annoying walking boot for 4 weeks. I did very well working out last week before I found out, then I drank train beers and wallowed in self-pity.

Monday 8/6:

  • I completed two NTC workouts, “Jump Around” for 30 min and “Laura Enever Fierce” for 15 minutes. The first was a lot of leg work. I did many many many squats, lunges and burpees. The second was focused on balance so it included a lot of moves on a single leg. I fell more than once.

Tuesday 8/7:

Wednesday 8/8:

  • Spin Class at NYSC during lunch. I loved the instructor. The class was aggressive and I liked it – 45 min
  • PM – Vinyasa Flow with Stacy at Yoga Vida. The class had no air conditioning. I was so uncomfortable. I stopped going to Bikram for a reason. Yoga wise, the class was challenging and I really enjoyed it – 1 hour 5 min

Thursday 8/9:

  • Rest day 1

Friday 8/10:

  • Rest day 2 (ok)

Saturday 8/11:

  • Rest day 3 (ehh kind of ok)

Sunday 8/12:

  • Rest day 4 (not so ok, now I am just lazy)

Weekly Goals

Workout Minutes: 6 hours

Actual Workout Minutes: 4 hours 35 minutes

This Boot Was Made for Walking

I have been complaining a lot lately that I injured my foot. I barely ran last week. I made it 6 miles into a 20 miler before I was in tears and had to stop.

Stuck in Harlem. At least there was a DD.

I did not run this week hoping the mysterious pain in my left ankle/foot would go away and I would go back to enjoying my new relationship with speed at the track next week.

Then this happened:


I made an appointment with the doctor because I would rather a professional diagnose me than self-diagnosis. I was ready to amputate (ask Stacy, she was going to help). Anyway, I have a 5th Metatarsal Avulsion fracture (fancy doctor term for a stress fracture) and I have peroneal tendonitis. He said it has a lot to do with over-pronation (only my left foot over-pronates). The fracture looks like this (note: this is NOT my foot, but it shows exactly where I am injured):

See ya later NYCM

I am in the boot for at least 4 weeks. Its sweaty and awful. Exercise wise I am allowed to spin, swim and do yoga and pilates. I can also do strength training but nothing where I am jumping around, standing too long etc.

Did I cry at the doctor’s office? Yes.

Did I call my mom and cry? Yes.

Did I tell my boyfriend I was going to be an emotional, drunk basket-case for the next 4 weeks? Yes.

OK – now that we have all of that out of the way, let remember the post I wrote this morning about HOPE! I need to keep my head up. If this had to happen, I am happy it happened this far out from the NYCM. With 4 weeks off, I will still have 8 or 9 weeks to train. Yes I will probably still have to adjust my goal, but I will cross that bridge when it comes.


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Weekly Workout (8/6/12-8/12/12)

My workouts this week are going to be a little different from the past couple of weeks (and the future weeks)! I am taking some time off from running because I hurt my foot somehow and want to rest a bit. I would much rather rest and heal now than continue to run on it and not be able to run the NYC Marathon or ever again (I’m not dramatic, at all).

Monday 8/6:

  • Spin Class
  • Strength (probably a NTC workout)

Tuesday 8/7:

Wednesday 8/8:

  • Cross Train or Rest

Thursday 8/9:

  • Pilates

Friday 8/10:

  • Cross Train
  • Strength

Saturday 8/11:

  • Rest

Sunday 8/12:

  • Yoga
  • Strength

Weekly Goals

Workout Minutes: 6 hours