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Weekly Workout Recap 11/12/12-11/25/12

I owe you some posts. I haven’t blogged in a little while. Lots of things happened since the last “NYCM Training Workout Recap” I posted. You know, like the marathon being canceled.

11/12/12 – 11/18/12 – Not much at all. It was a relatively low-key week and my post-Richmond Marathon relaxation time! I also spectated the shit out of the Philly Marathon!

Tuesday 11/13: Erin and I (and Erica, wooop!) went to a hurricane relief fitness fundraiser. It was hosted by Mahri of Body Conceptions and Brook Marrone of Brooke Marrone Fitness. It was a perfect collaboration of both instructors. It was a cardio and strength workout through dance and movement and a strength and core workout that incorporated many pilates moves . Both instructors were beyond helpful and the class was very challenging. I love trying new things and I also want to look like them so I need to practice my moves.

Wednesday 11/14: I ran 2 very slow miles at NYSC because my bus at Port Authority had about a 3 hour wait.

Thursday 11/15: Christy and I went to Refine Method and got our asses kicked. Great class as usual. Note to self (and everyone reading): DO NOT eating Mexican food before Refine. You will feel like shit.

Total Weekly Mileage: 2

Total Weekly Workout Time: 2 hours

11/19/12 – 11/25/12

Monday 11/19: Very early run on the West Side Highway with Fiona. I bundled up because I was nervous, and as usual, I was sweating within 5 seconds of running and was upset about the layers I had on. I will never learn my lesson. We chatted and ran and talked about work and marathons and dogs. It felt good to be out there! My legs were definitely still tired from the marathon!

Total: 7 mi, 1:01, 8:42 pace

Tuesday 11/20: Another early morning run! I met Jess in Central Park and we struggled a bit to get into a rhythm during the loop around the park. Tired legs and wine will do that to you! It ended up being a great run (even though it did not feel like it)! Great company, great weather!

Total 5.4 miles, 48 min, 8:51 pace

Wednesday 11/21: Rest

Thursday 11/22: Morris Township Thanksgiving Day 5K – The weather was a perfectly chilly. Kara was running the race with her boyfriend and roommates and I also convinced my friend Stephanie to run with me (because she is REALLY fast) and I wanted to PR. I had no idea if I could.

Steph and I started out strong but a 90 degree wall around the halfway point basically stopped us in our tracks and our pace dropped drastically. I forced my body up the hill and picked up the pace and tried to keep breathing. I finished strong and someone threw up next to me. At least I felt better than that guy.

Official Results: 23:04

Place: 242/2284

Age Place 8/178

I didn’t have my Garmin because I (shockingly) had to sprint to the start line and forgot it so the splits from my phone are: (1) 7:28, (2) 7:43, (3) 6:57 (.1) same pace who knows

Friday 11/23: Refine Method with Dori. This was the first time I took the class with Brynn (the owner of the studio) as the instructor. Don’t get me wrong, all of the instructors are amazing but holy hell she kicked our asses. I was panting like a dog and was so tired. She held the back of my pants while I did push ups and made sure I didn’t wimp out on anything. She was like a hawk, but in a good way. We are there to work right? I’m still sore.

Saturday 11/24: Rest, so sore.

Sunday 11/25: Work it Out, 90 minute Turkey Burn with Dori!

Total Weekly Mileage: 16

Total Weekly Workout Time: 2 hours 30 min


Dear November…

This is the usual “let’s go over the previous month’s goals and set new goals for this month” post. I’m clearly a few (or more) days late. You probably realized I’ve been a bit preoccupied with some bitch named Sandy.

What did I want to accomplish in October?

  1. Do a plank for 5 minutes, comfortably. If I do not do one everyday, it alright. Yea that did not happen. I only did Planks at Refine Method and for Lindsay’s October Photo Challenge.
  2. Continue practicing yoga and pilates. I actually don’t think I went to one yoga or Pilates class this month. That’s really awful.
  3. Complete 2 (hopefully) successful 20+ mi runs! I did one. I ran 20.2 miles. I wanted to do another but figured my training at that point in time was sufficient for the NYCM. Now I hope that ONE 20.2 mile run was sufficient for Richmond.
  4. Do 2-3 strength train sessions each week. The only strength training I did was Refine Method, and that was once a week and only twice this month.

What did I learn about myself this month?

I need to get my act together. I was probably in the best shape of my life WHEN I WAS INJURED! I cross trained and strength trained, I did yoga and pilates and a lot of Nike Training Club and core work! I was 10 pounds lighter and although I was miserable that I was not running, I was definitely more fit.

So what did I accomplish? Nothing out of the goals I set, which is sad.

November Goals (starting 11/5):

  1. Complete the Richmond Marathon with a smile on my face.
  2. Realistically, go to yoga OR pilates once a week!
  3. Go to Refine Method once or twice a week.
  4. Run 100+ miles for the month of November.

Let’s see if I can do MUCH better this month and not write a post full of complaints and self-pity 🙂


NYCM Training – Week 5 Recap

Yes, I am still calling the posts NYCM Training. I am mentally training for it. Anyway, as you all know (because I have been complaining more than I should), I have a stress fracture and an annoying walking boot for 4 weeks. I did very well working out last week before I found out, then I drank train beers and wallowed in self-pity.

Monday 8/6:

  • I completed two NTC workouts, “Jump Around” for 30 min and “Laura Enever Fierce” for 15 minutes. The first was a lot of leg work. I did many many many squats, lunges and burpees. The second was focused on balance so it included a lot of moves on a single leg. I fell more than once.

Tuesday 8/7:

Wednesday 8/8:

  • Spin Class at NYSC during lunch. I loved the instructor. The class was aggressive and I liked it – 45 min
  • PM – Vinyasa Flow with Stacy at Yoga Vida. The class had no air conditioning. I was so uncomfortable. I stopped going to Bikram for a reason. Yoga wise, the class was challenging and I really enjoyed it – 1 hour 5 min

Thursday 8/9:

  • Rest day 1

Friday 8/10:

  • Rest day 2 (ok)

Saturday 8/11:

  • Rest day 3 (ehh kind of ok)

Sunday 8/12:

  • Rest day 4 (not so ok, now I am just lazy)

Weekly Goals

Workout Minutes: 6 hours

Actual Workout Minutes: 4 hours 35 minutes

Refine Method Review

I decided it was 100% necessary to try Refine Method with Katherine after she and Dori raved about the workout! I added it to my list of goals for August and immediately Katherine had me signing up for a class in the Union Square studio (located between 17 and 18 street on Broadway). Best part? New students get a free class!

Refine was founded by former New York City Ballet dancer (and Harvard-educated, I would never leave that out if I attended Harvard), Brynn Jinnett. Refine Method features a circuit-style of Cardiovascular and Resistance Training. According to the website, there is benefit from Cardio and Resistance Training together – “Through resistance training, we produce a cardio burn while building metabolically-active lean muscle, the antidote to traditional repetitive cardio and the most efficient way to change your shape.” We used cardio movements, kettle bells, elastic bands and a customized pulley system that offers resistance similar to free weights.

The studio was very simple and clean. There was a large room to the right which included changing rooms, large couch-type seating and lockers for your belongings. We took our shoes off and walked into the actual fitness area. It was a perfect size for an intimate class and I never felt too crowded. I was immediately greeted by the instructor, Pam. She recognized I was a new student and began to teach me about the class (type of movements and exercises, where to stand etc.) and how to use the equipment. Everyone in the class seemed to know one another and to be experienced!

Photo Source: Refinemethod.com

We started the class with foam rolling to loosen our legs and back muscles. I welcomed it with open arms as my quads are ALWAYS tight from running. We continued with a warmup that included all types of stretching and some cardio moves to get our heart rate up before we entered into the series of circuits (with each circuit having a few sets, maybe 3). The circuits included cardio exercises and strength exercises. The strength exercises were done with kettle bells and the pulley system. The circuits we did included a variety of exercises such as squats, lunges, push-ups, jumping jacks, “jump-roping”, ice skaters, and many different forms of planks! We used the pulley system for rows and for triceps work. The class ended with core work, a serious amount of glute work and wonderful stretches done while laying down. Pam even gave each one of us a short (random, unexpected and amazing) quad massage while we were stretching.

I definitely worked hard (and  was sweating, as usual) the entire time but it remained an enjoyable workout. Pam was so upbeat, encouraging and helpful. She corrected any positions that were wrong. Not in a rude way but in a way that she genuinely wanted us to be executing the exercises correctly. The little tips such as “don’t arch your back, lean forward more etc” absolutely helped. I know that if you are not doing the exercise correctly, you will not feel the benefits and can even get injured. I would much rather know that a tiny shift in my hips or a slight movement of my back can change the entire outcome of the exercise.

SO will I be back? YES! But not as much as I would like. With all boutique fitness studios, comes a larger price tag per class. Refine is $32/class. It seems like a lot but you also get the feel that you are working with a personal trainer. They offer certain types of packages as well as a rewards program (which I am going to look into further when I decide how often I can attend)! Click here for the pricing!

What was my favorite aspect of the class? First of all, I loved the instructor, Pam. The classes are small enough for individual attention. Second, I felt great when I left. I loved the music and it put me in a good mood (we stretched to “Songbird” by Fleetwood Mac, amazing). My body was also quite relaxed (even though I will definitely be sore tomorrow). I stretched all of the muscles that are normally so tight from running and was able to do so during a great total body workout!  I absolutely believe this class is very complimentary to marathon training!


For a much more detailed and helpful review of Refine, read this! It comes from Dory, who is a Refine Extraordinaire 🙂


Weekly Workout (8/6/12-8/12/12)

My workouts this week are going to be a little different from the past couple of weeks (and the future weeks)! I am taking some time off from running because I hurt my foot somehow and want to rest a bit. I would much rather rest and heal now than continue to run on it and not be able to run the NYC Marathon or ever again (I’m not dramatic, at all).

Monday 8/6:

  • Spin Class
  • Strength (probably a NTC workout)

Tuesday 8/7:

Wednesday 8/8:

  • Cross Train or Rest

Thursday 8/9:

  • Pilates

Friday 8/10:

  • Cross Train
  • Strength

Saturday 8/11:

  • Rest

Sunday 8/12:

  • Yoga
  • Strength

Weekly Goals

Workout Minutes: 6 hours