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HLS 2012: Dining with Chobani

During the Healthy Living Summit, Chobani invited a group of bloggers to take part in a special dinner at EVOO in Kendall Square in Cambridge, MA. I was honored to be invited and obviously excited to attend. Each item on the menu would be inspired by Chobani yogurt.

Side note: I never knew that creating this blog would allow me to participate in wonderful events with amazing companies. Chobani is one of those companies that supports and works closely with bloggers. They always seem to go above and beyond to make us feel appreciated. And I appreciate them in return!

Anyway, when we got to the restaurant, we were greeted by our wonderful hosts, Emily, Amy and Ashley (the lovely ladies of the Chobani community team). I previously met Emily and Amy at the Chobani Soho opening so I was happy to see them again! We grabbed a seat at the table, which was already set with delicious cheese and pickled pepper platters! There were also “icebreaker cards” placed on our tables which had many different questions that got us chatting even more.

The drink menu at EVOO was amazing. I decided on “My Blue Heaven,” which had Blueberry Vodka, Organic Lemonade and fresh blueberries. It was freaking delicious. Other people thought so too…

The staff at EVOO was very accommodating to any dietary restrictions (i.e. vegetarian)! Awesome.

The first course: Heirloom tomato salad with a yogurt gelee, spearmint, basil and EVOO. Mine was minus the gelatin and just the yogurt and it was amazing. I have never in my life had tomatoes that tasted so ripe!

The second course: lobster-vanilla yogurt succotash! Of course mine was minus the lobster! The succotash looked great and the I could immediately smell the vanilla Cho! I had never had this type of meal before and after going home and looking up what is actually was, I hope to make it on my own often!

The third (and main) course: Seared Yogurt & Spice Sous Vide Lamb Loin with Crisp Eggplant and Raita. I was served the dish sans Lamb with an extra eggplant. The yogurt sauce everything I’d hoped for, and the fried eggplant was coated just enough where the breading did not come close to over overpowering the vegetable’s taste.

While waiting for our final (and most anticipated course, dessert), we learned more from Emily about Chobani’s appreciation for bloggers and their network (and of course their love for Chobani). We learned that due to this type of networking, Chobani only recently incorporated traditional advertising methods (magazines and commercials). That is amazing.

Then it came. Dessert: Nectarine-Basil Crisp with Frozen Berry Yogurt. The frozen yogurt was Strawberry Chobani mixed with fresh blueberries. My favorite thing about this dessert was the contrasting temperatures. The cold frozen yogurt went so well with the warm topping and warm nectarines. I wish I could eat this every day.

During dessert, Chef Peter McCarthy came into our (private) dining room for a chance to chat about the experience of making the meals with Chobani. He let us know that the restaurant does use yogurt in some of the dishes on the menu so it as not too much of a stretch, but some of the concepts were definitely new to him (ahem, the vegetarian options for some of the girls were a last-minute loop). It was great to hear from him and we were able to ask him questions and most importantly, THANK HIM and COMPLIMENT HIM for the delicious dinner.

It was amazing to chat with new friends over delicious food. We ALL left feeling inspired (and probably somewhat drunk). THANK YOU to Chobani for continuously providing amazing experiences. Much love 🙂

Emily (Cho), Melissa, Me & Kristin

Photo Courtesy of Ashley