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2012 Philly Marathon – Inspiration Through Spectating

First of all, I was supposed to run this marathon with Melissa. I made a promise.  I figured I could run two marathons two weeks apart. I had a bib. Same story: Sandy happened, NYC cancelation happened, Richmond Marathon happened. I decided last minute to sit out of Philly. I was relatively sore after the Richmond and to be honest I’m not talented enough to run two marathons in one week yet and I am definitely to injury prone. I felt like a dick and apologized for 24 hours straight but I had to look out for myself. I did not want to get hurt. Best Solution: Spectate the shit out of the race with Erica and Beth.

I had already made plans to stay at Shannon’s house (roomie from HLS) with Kara and Ritsa, who were running the half. Shannon was an amazing hostess. She welcomed us into her home and cooked us an amazing pasta dinner (that she did not even eat because she is on the Paleo diet)! Philly was her first marathon. She did all of this for us instead of panicking in the corner like I did before my first marathon. Kudos Shannon!

We got there early and met up with Melissa. I hugged her about 14 times and wished her a billion good lucks!

Me, Shannon & Melissa

I went to find my cheering crew and found Ashley & Kristin. More good lucks and more hugs. I also handed out an elephant sticker to everyone, extra good luck to stay with them during the race!

After I said my good lucks to everyone, I went off to cheer for the marathon!

My serious photog face

Photo Credit: Erica

I saw so much and experienced so many emotions from 7:00 am-4:00 pm. I saw the marathon winners, elites throwing up and still maintaining a sub-5 minute pace, leg cramps that stopped runners of all speeds in their tracks, families running to the finish with their marathon participants, tears, laughter, disappointment, ear-to-ear smiles, triumph and most of all COURAGE.

I cried way more times than I can remember. I was proud of every single marathoner. Kara and I stayed out and cheered on the course for a very long time. It was the best thing we could have done. We cheered, yelled, high-fived, low-fived, jumped, chanted, and danced for the runners. I have respect for every single person that crossed that finish line. I am SO happy that the race organizers put everyone’s name on their bibs! Cheering for the runners was made even easier 🙂

Below is a slide show (that of course uploaded backwards) of my pictures from the race! If you see a picture of yourself, feel free to take it as a memento. There are a few that I love that i want to seek out the runners myself!

Thank you Philly for putting on an amazing event, and for welcoming all of the NYC Marathoners with open arms! Congratulations to all of the finishers and to the NYC Marathoners who changed their plans and completed the race successfully, especially to Abby, Jocelyn, Shannon, MelissaAshley & Kristin. PRs all around! It was a pleasure to cheer for all of you and I am SO proud of all of you.