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Weekly Workout (7/23/12-7/29/12)

I am going to be more generic with my workouts (strength and cross training) because I am realizing they are changing pretty frequently.

Monday 7/23:

  • Cross Train
  • Strength

Tuesday 7/24:

  • AM- 5 mi easy
  • PM- Speedwork – 1200, 1000, 800, 600, 400

Wednesday 7/25:

  • Cross Train
  • Strength

Thursday 7/26:

  • AM – 7 mi Tempo – (5 mi @ 8:05)
  • PM – 5k with Kara in Riverside Park

Friday 7/27:

  • Rest

Saturday 7/28:

  • Long Run– 17 mi @ 9:08

Sunday 7/29:

  • Yoga

Weekly Goals

Running Mileage: 36

Workout Minutes: 2 hr


NYCM Training – Week 1 Recap

A review of the workouts for the week…

Monday 7/9:

  • For my Cross Training, I did the Elliptical for 30 min on the strength setting. This was basically intervals at a tough level. I forgot how hard the elliptical is if you put effort into it instead of just glide back and forth slowly. I also only use the Cybex Arc Trainer. I like how it feels like you are walking up stairs! I feel like I am getting a MUCH better workout. Could be a personal preference ūüôā
  • I made up a strength workout as I went and am actually proud of it!
  1. Inch Worms (12 reps)
  2. Alternating Arm Lifts – one hand in front, one to the side and reverse (10lbs, 10 reps)
  3. Bicep Curls, Twist weights at shoulders, Shoulder Press (10 lbs, 10 reps)
  4. Single Leg Hip Raises – one knee bent, one leg straight in air, lift hips (1 min each side)
  5. 15 push ups
I repeated the set two times. Simple yet effective workout!


Tuesday 7/10:

I finally created my marathon training plan and Tuesdays are now designated as the day to “GET YOUR ASS TO THE TRACK/YOUR FAVORITE PLACE IN THE WORLD AND SPRINT YOUR HEART OUT.” I decided to do a two-a-day here!

  • In the morning, I met Abby & Katie for a 5 mile run in Central Park. I felt extremely sluggish (I think it was because I haven’t busted my ass on an elliptical in a long time). But as usual we chatted and the miles ticked away.
      Result: 5.18 mi, 47:23, 9:08 pace 
  • All day I thought about the interval workout that needed to be done in the second session of my running. It was my first speed session since NJ marathon training ended at the end of April. I was excited though because I was going to the track. I had previously done all of my speedwork on the treadmill, yikes. The plan for the night: Mile Repeats. at 7:02 pace. Jump right in! A couple of months ago I read an article on SarahUOaL about the workout function on Mr. Garmin. I added it to my Pinterest page and forgot about it until today when I needed it! She took pics of the step by step setup which helped a ton. I set the workout up (Warm up, 1 mi intervals, 1/4 mi rest intervals, Cooldown) and OFF I WENT with no intention of maintaing such a fast pace and already adjust all of the paces on my NYCM Training Plan for the next 17 weeks. At least I have some confidence in myself….

As it turns out, I should have a little more confidence in myself. I hit the repeats right around where I needed to (7:09, 7:00, 6:57). During the first interval I checked my pace obsessively. During the second, maybe twice a lap. During the last interval I didn’t check it at all. I think it was because of a few reasons: I wanted to get the workout over with, I wanted to run a fast pace like that by feel, or it was too dark to see it and I would probably fall over trying to check the watch. Either way, I hit the splits and even felt ok (except for the last lap of the third repeat, where I am pretty sure the couple walking thought I was in some sort of cardiac arrest). I say I felt ok because I used the 400m RI to walk SLOWLY which helped tremendously (as you can see, it was 5 min of walking in between each mile). I hope to build up to a jog in between as I move forward with the plan!

Garmin Splits below:

Result: 5 mi of running

Total Running Mileage for the Day10.18

Not to shabby for Day 1 of Marathon Training!

Wednesday 7/11:

  • Rest

Thursday 7/12:

  • Plan: 6 mi Tempo¬†(miles 3 and 4 @ 7:35). Reality: My hammys were sore from my TrackTimeTuesday (yes that is what I am going to call it). Thursday will probably be TempoTimeThursday. That works for me, does it work for you? Good, now that we cleared that up, I knew this run was going to be interesting. I woke up feeling like I wouldn’t be able to run one mile. I trucked it into the city to meet my friend Peter for a dash around the Bridle Path. I felt tired, my legs felt like¬†cinder blocks and it was HUMID. When it was time to pick up the pace, I couldn’t quite get there. I had to stop after mile 4 and walk because I was having trouble breathing. I¬†finished¬†the run and thought about two things:
  1. I didn’t used to eat before runs that will be less than 60 minutes. I think my lack of breakfast contributed to my lack of speed. Future Ashley will eat for 6 mile runs.
  2. I will not wear short sleeves in gross humid weather. I never liked it but still do it. NO MORE!

Result: 6 mi, 51:14 (Splits: 9:09, 8:25, 8:15, 7:49, 8:49, 8:43)

The miles are in red were supposed to be at 7:35 pace. Better luck next time? 

Friday 7/13:

I had cross training and a strength work out scheduled for Friday but I was sore from Thursday’s tempo and yoga so I decided to take the day off!

Saturday 7/14:

The plan was to run 13 mi @ 8:43 pace. A my best friend and I (@RunnerRitsa) decided to incorporate Belmar 5 mile race into our run. We ran 3.2 mi prior to the race and 1 mi after. I stopped at 9 miles but felt great and could have maintained the same pace if I had kept on going. It was a wonderful run on the boardwalk and around the town near the beach! The splits below in red are from the race.

Results: 9.19 mi, 1:20:38, 8:46 pace

Splits: 9:55, 9:17, 9:17, 8:37, 8:11, 8:19, 8:33, 8:07, 8:33

Race Results: 42:17.93 (very close to my 5mi PR).

Sunday 7/15:

  • Rest

Weekly Goals

Running Mileage: 28

Actual Mileage: 28

Workout Minutes: 2 hr 30 min

Actual Workout Minutes: 1 hour 45 min