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Running With a Heart Rate Monitor

I don’t usually write a post in relation to specific runs. However, I watched this video yesterday (highlight of one day of Meb Keflezighi’s Olympic Marathon training)…

Copyright Meb.

Besides being absolutely amazed and inspired from all of the hard work and dedication he puts into his training, I picked up on one major part of the video: after Meb’s extremely fast tempo, he shows his Garmin to the camera, and notes that his heart rate maxed at 92.

My Garmin came with a heart rate monitor and it has been in my drawer since I got the watch 2 1/2 years ago. After I watched this video, I was curious how many times my heart rate could multiply Meb’s during a run, so I decided to use it for my speedwork tonight. I synced it to my watch and put it around me (aka had to tuck the entire band into my sports bra because I am pretty sure it was made for a 200 pound man).

Here is what I know about heart rates:

  • Max heart rate is 220 minus my age (26). So that is 194. I actually think that piece of information is not very accurate as it does not take into account fitness level, but it is a start.
  • “Easy” intensity should be 65%-70% of max heart rate
  • “Hard” intensity should be 80%-90% of max heart rate

It is important to have a target view of the effort being exerted. Often our own judgement of the energy we are applying may be incorrect. For example, a runner could be running with improper form and exerting too much energy and vice versa with not exerting enough energy during a training session. It is important to take notice of your body and develop a sense of pace and effort.

Now that I let you know how I SHOULD have ran…I will show you how I ACTUALLY ran tonight.

Actual Results Per Garmin:
1200m- 5:17 (6:52)
1000m- 4:13 (6:49)
800m- 3:25 (6:47)
600m- 2:35 (6:45)
400m- 1:39 (6:21)

I hit my paces right where they needed to be. My heart rate was a different story.

My max heart rate is 194 (maybe). For over half of my workout, I was WAY over my max heart rate. I will absolutely be using my heart rate monitor from now on during runs. I hope that as I progress throughout training, I will adapt to the intensity of the speed and my heart rate will adjust.

Does anyone have any advice on this subject? ANY ADVICE/COMMENTS WILL HELP!!!!

Do you know any other ways (besides continued exercise) to keep your heart rate down?


NYCM Training – Week 2 Recap

Week 2 involved much more running than cross training and strength training which I was disappointed about. Life got in the way a little bit. Each week I learn something new about training and have something to work on for the next week!!

Monday 7/16:

Right before the gym on Monday night, I went outside in my backyard and unfortunately was attacked by mosquitoes. I counted about 30 bites on my legs alone. I had a minor panic attack and took Benadryl immediately therefore did not work out. I am pretty sure I have some sort of allergy because this is not the first time this has happened to me. Thankfully, I feel better. A great friend who is a nurse suggest I take B Complex vitamins and Katie has suggested I take Vitamin D to ward off mosquitoes. Apparently they do not like the smell and/or taste of either. I will definitely be taking both.

Tuesday 7/17:

  • AM- 6.29 mi,  59 min, 9:21 avg pace

For the past month or so, I have been running on Tuesday mornings with Katie, Abby and Beth (or a combination of the three), so I decided to add this run to my training plan and make Tuesday a double session. I read on twitter that Beth and Katherine ran the Queensboro Bridge the day before and I was very eager to do the same due to the face that it is a HUGE part of the NYC Marathon! I talked to Katie and maybe forced her to run it with me? I am not sure 🙂 Either way, I am so excited that I finally was able to run the Queensboro Bridge! I want to make sure when it is time to run the marathon, I will know how it feels cross the bridge (it is hard) and I will be prepared (I hope I will be). FYI Abby & Katie, this run will become a staple on Tuesday mornings!

  • PM- Speedwork – 800s

My favorite day = TrackTimeTuesday. My legs were tired but I was still very excited. Today’s workout was intimidating. When I looked at it, it was another reminder that the paces were a little fast.  I reminded myself that I would give it a shot and do one interval at a time. The workout was as follows:

1 mi warm up, 4 x 800 – target time of 3:23 (6:46 pace), 1 mi cooldown

My actual times today were:

Warm up – 1 mi – 9:13

800s -3:13, 3:14, 3:18, 3:25

Cool down – 1 mi – 8:36

I am once again very excited about hitting the paces I needed to (even lower than I needed to). My faith in myself is slowly growing!

Wednesday 7/18:

I had planned to go to a yoga class at NYSC during lunch but work was way too hectic. I decided to go to the gym after work and do some strength training instead.

I completed at NTC Shoulder Ripper 15 min workout. It looked a little something like this (repeat x3):

I really do love these workouts. They are easy to follow and SO tough. Each workout has a focus but works so many muscles. I am always sweating and feel like I worked very hard when I am finished. I recommend this app to everyone!

Thursday 7/19:


I had to really force myself to get out there on Thursday morning. I even wrote a post about how I motivate/force myself to run when I don’t feel like it! However, the heatwave had finally broken and the weather was BEAUTIFUL so I got going.

The plan was 7 mi tempo – 1 mi warmup, 5 at 8:35, 1 mi cool down

My legs felt heavy the entire run (definitely from the double session on Tuesday). I wanted to stop at 5.5 miles but I was late for work and i was on the Upper West Side, nowhere near the NYSC where my clothes and a shower was. So I had to keep going.


Warm up – (1) 8:46
Tempo miles – (2) 8:28, (3) 8:32, (4) 8:29, (5) 8:22, (6) 8:12
Cool Down – (7) 9:07

I ended up being happy with the run. I think my body is still adjusting to the speedwork and the faster running. I have done any type of speedwork or tempo running since my training ended for the New Jersey Marathon at the end of April. I believe (or am hoping) that the dead tired leg problem on Thursday mornings will subside in a couple of weeks!

Friday 7/20:

Rest Day

Saturday 7/21:

Long Run

This was going to be my first long run of NYCM training. Goal was 15 mi with 9:08 average pace. I made plans to meet Fiona, Jocelyn and Theodora at the Intrepid along the West Side Highway and we would all run together! I was excited. New friends = new convos. Conversation helps me run. It takes the focus off of the mileage.

My bus was late of course. They always are. Late to meet new friends. Awful. I ran from Port Authority to the Intrepid and we were off. We decided to run South. Side note: I had never run a successful trip around Manhattan before today. I always ended up in Soho, or China Town somehow. I guess I needed a running bud. Anyway, we ran at a very steady pace which was great! Fiona and I said goodbye to Jocelyn and Theodora near Houston street on the East Side and we kept going. Fiona had brunch plans so she left around 14th street. I completed about 9.5 miles with them and now needed to do the rest. Yikes. I figured I had no music so I would pick up the pace a little to somewhere around marathon goal pace (not sure what that is yet though). I ran up 1st Avenue and across 72nd St. I even caught the end of the 10k race going on in Central Park too! I finished the run right where I started and I was pain free and could have kept going. That is a good feeling!! Map and splits below (Mile 7, was under FDR near BK Bridge, Garmin wasn’t working, probably not the true pace):


Sunday 7/22:

I went to NYSC in the morning and went to my first Power Yoga class! I loved it. It was challenging and stretched all of the right muscles. It was perfect for the day after a long run. I will definitely try to make this class each week!

Weekly Goals

Running Mileage: 26

Actual Miles Run: 33

Workout Minutes: 2 hr 30 min

Actual Workout Minutes: 1 hr 15 min