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Product Review: Plant Fusion Protein (Vegan & Gluten/Soy Free)!

I first read about Plant Fusion on Alex’s blog and wanted to give it a shot (as I promised myself I would incorporate protein into my diet for recovery after long runs and/or heavy training)!

Plant Fusion graciously sent me 4 sample’s to try: Chocolate, Chocolate Raspberry, Vanilla and Unflavored. I tried two of the packages before I got hurt and two when i started running again! This review is being done way too long after the company sent me the product!

I tried each package in a different way so I could see how I liked it the best as well as what is easiest and still tasted well.

  • I tried the Vanilla by mixing it with water in a Blender bottle. I followed the directions on the package for the amount of water to use. I found myself needing to add more water to get the protein powder to mix appropriately but it did not have a powdery taste and I enjoyed it! Note: Taken after a 17mi long run
  • I mixed the chocolate raspberry with soy milk in the same Blender bottle. As with the vanilla and the water, I did have to add a little more soy milk. Same great taste with the consistency of chocolate milk! Note: Taken after an 8mi tempo run and a strength workout
  • I blended the chocolate flavor with almond milk and ice and a bit of almond butter. Basically this was a delicious milkshake that I want all of the time. Note: Taken after a very long bike ride
  • I blended the unflavored protein with vanilla soy milk and ice. This was the only sample that had a powdery taste to it (but still able to drink it without complaints)! However, I do think it would be great to use it for baked goods and protein pancakes! Note: Taken after an 18mi long run

plantfusionstats Source

So how did I feel after taking the protein? I was absolutely less sore and recovered faster than on days I did not take anything.

I am new to proteins so I am not 100% positive what all of the ingredients do to help with recovery. Plant Fusion contains 21g of protein, 4,500mg BCAAs and 3,350 mg of Glutamine per package (or scoop, if using the big tub). I did a little internet research and read that BCAAs (branch chain amino acids) are important to your diet as your body does not manufacture them on its own. BCAAs are important for recovery and muscle development. Glutamine is another amino acid that the body produces to support the immune, digestive and nervous system. Because Plant Fusion contains both amino acids, you will not need to supplement either with another any pills or powder! Winner!

I will definitely be ordering some more of the protein!

If you would like to contact them/order the product, their information is as follows:



Twitter: @plantfusion

These opinions are my own. Plant Fusion provided me with the product to sample and to review for my readers. I was not compensated beyond product samples for this post. I am not a certified nutritionist.  I am sharing my thoughts based on experience and research.


Oiselle Aero Tank Review

I’ll start this post off by saying I HAVE NEVER WON ANYTHING!

Until I won….


…the Oiselle Aero Tank. BAM!

Someone from the company contacted me almost immediately for my size and address! Before this shirt, I did not own any Oiselle clothes (I was waiting till they restocked the Roga Short in my size), so I was definitely amped to get the shirt, plus I have been following them on Twitter and love reading about their brand and their athletes. Very inspiring.

I received the tank a little over a week later and was excited to be trying out new gear! If I didn’t have this blog I would’ve put it on and ran in it and after another giant thank you, that would’ve been the end of my first win! BUT I do have this blog and I knew I wanted to do a review on it as a post, especially because I can see how much people adore their clothing. I thought about what I wanted to ask myself about it and came up with the following:

  1. Material
  2. Fit according to size
  3. Comfort
  4. Colors Available
  5. Accessory Capable

I went out for a 8-10 mile run in the Aero Tank that weekend:


and I also wore it at the NYRR Queens 10k when I ran with Lora:

Ready to Win again?

Here is what I think:

  1. Material – 100% Polyester. The tank felt very light and I had no issues with feeling too sweaty (and it was very hot during both runs). The shirt remained much more dry than other wicking shirts that I own.
  2. Fit – Note: I ordered an XS, I am 5’2″ and I lack volume in the chest region.  In comparison with the size chart, it was spot on!
  3. Comfort – The tank fit perfectly. It was just tight enough in all the right areas and allowed me to breathe. I also think it is very flattering!
  4. Colors Available – The website has 3 colors, Adler (which is what I have!) and is a sea foam green color, Clear (white) and Crush (gray). I almost always go for neon but I liked the color selection.
  5. Accessory Capable – The tank has a zip pocket in the front. An iphone would not have fit but a smaller music player could have. I put my driver’s license, money and a key into the pocket without any space issues.

The only thing that the tank did not have that I normally look for is a shelf bra. For me, there is no need to wear a sports bra when there in one in the shirt! But this isn’t the style of tank that would have a shelf bra so I won’t complain!

Overall, I loved the shirt for the lightweight, wicking material and the comfort level. I am VERY happy that I won it! I will definitely be purchasing more items from Oiselle in the future!

Does anyone own Oiselle clothing? What do you like about it? 

Why did it take me until having a blog to find it? <—I’m Upset

My Running Favorites

My very mixed variety favorite gear from head to toe (and more):

Sparkly Soul Headbands ($17 for the wide band, I got 3/$30 at NJ Marathon expo) I love this headband because they are amazing colors and because it has the velour on the inside. These will not move at all during a run or exercise. Hair in place=Happy Ashley.


  • Nike Fast Pace Running Tank – ($28, many colors are on sale for $22 at Dick’s) This tank is very lightweight and not as tight as others.  It comes in every neon color you could imagine. 
  • Thriv Cape Elizabeth Tank – ($32) I like this tank because the material is very soft (organic cotton) and I don’t need to wear a sports bra with it (I’m less than blessed in the tata area)

  • Lululemon Run Speed Short – A little pricey ($54), but worth every penny. My favorite thing about the shorts are the lining inside (it doesn’t cut off your bum at all). They also come in great colors and have 2 pockets in the front and one in the back.


  • Pro Compression Marathon Sock – ($50, they offer $20 off with free shipping VERY often though) I originally used CEP socks but I was too short and they were just way too tight. I tried these after finding a coupon code online and I now have very happy legs. The material is very comfortable. I have 3 pairs. I just need them to come out with calf sleeves! See my review of this sock here!

  • Thorlo Experia – ($13/pair, but cheaper at expos) The padding on the heels and toes make me feel like I am running on clouds, or cotton candy or marshmallows. Since I switched to this sock over a year ago, I have not gotten one blister (I’m not lying). I also randomly met the owner of the company at the NYC Marathon Expo in November 2011. He was pretending to be a salesman and got me to talk to another customer about how much I loved them. He then told me he loves enthusiastic customers and after I gave some info (at his request), Thorlo sent me 2 free pairs of the socks.


  • Mizuno Wave Rider 15  – For neutral runners, Mizuno made a perfect shoe. I have nothing more to say. Except, add neon laces, the color combination makes you faster I think.

  • New Balance 890 – I currently rotate the Mizuno’s with these shoes. I like them for shorter races as they are very light but still provide ample cushioning.

Hydration: Nuun. Always. At work, at night, before runs, during runs, after runs. (4-pack is $24, they sell at RRS as well, get an extra 10% off, or you can use the code bloggerslovenuun on the Nuun website to get 15% off). Nunn is a minimal calorie (6 per serving) hydration machine with ZERO sugar. You just drop a tablet into your water and drink, (seriously convenient). Choose from any of the great tasting flavors, (my favorite is Lemon Lime).

Watch: Garmin Forerunner 405 – ($219 on Garmin site) Not that thrilled with this watch. It is searching for a satellite or beeping at me for no reason most of the time. Based on friends and reviews, the older Garmin watches are much more reliable.

I love trying new things so I would love to hear about your favorite things to run in/use while running and exercising.

Gear Review: Pro Compression Marathon Sock

If you read post about my Running Favorites, you will see that I genuinely LOVE PRO Compression socks. If words aren’t enough, here are some visuals!!!

PR Creators

Superbowl Champion Supporters

Holy Crap I’m touching Scott Jurek!

Besides the 3 obvious reasons illustrated above, I really do love these socks. I had never worn a great pair of compression socks (i.e. CEP, Zensah) until I put these bad boys on. The got me through almost every long run during marathon training (I didn’t find them until I was a few weeks in) and the marathon as well (see above, in yellow, my favorite color, there was no other choice). I wear them before runs, during runs, after runs and to bed. 

The science? Compression improves the delivery of oxygen to muscles, speeds lactic acid removal, muscle repair and improves circulation which all leads to greater muscle efficiency.

PRO Compression? Created by an athlete. Non-slip design. Moisture control that keeps your dry during huge effort. Blended Material for maximum confort and support. Always offer deals/specials. Amazing customer service. Made in the USA. Boom.

The Ashley? The socks are JUST TIGHT ENOUGH, they do not slip at all, my legs sing hallelujahs during and after long runs and I broke 4 hours in the marathon (obviously they work). 

Ashley on PRO Compression? If you have any questions or concerns, they get back to you fast. Like Steph Rothstein and Amy Hastings fast. Email, twitter, you name it. As a frequent user of the product (many times to work), I appreciate that.


Is anyone’s favorite color ORANGE?!?!? WELL – if it is, you’re in luck, they just added an orange marathon sock to their line of wonderful colors. And it is the SOCK OF THE MONTH! 

If you want this party for your legs, here’s a discount. Just make sure you purchase them before JULY 10, 2012, Or you’ll have to pay full price (retail value is $50, which is still less than its competitors). 

  1. Click this link:
  2. Pick a size (available in sizes XS, S/M & L/XL, I am 5’2 – the S/M is about an 3/4 of an inch too long, but completely wearable in that size)
  3. Save 40% with Coupon Code SOM612 (you also get FREE SHIPPING!) 
  4. Pay $30 (sorry, not many things in this world are free guys).
  5. Share the love with your friends. (The coupon code love that is).
  6. Come back to my blog after you get them and use them. Leave a comment on this post. I want to know what everyone else thinks about them. I truly believe you will love them the way I do and the way my legs do. **Sorry if I absolutely just sounded like I was introducing you guys to my boyfriend, but I spend enough time with them that it doesn’t sound too weird.**